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January Blues

The Haines assembly did some great good the other night by supporting the pre-school and giving them another year in the old Human Resource Building where they have been for over thirty years, and the innovative plan to join forces with the Senior Center facility and create a new place for our young adjacent to our elders, which I really like. As Margaret said before her yes vote, she's ready to do something good for a change.

Nice to be Home

We play this game at the Seattle airport: who ever sees someone we know first has to buy the other breakfast. It took Chip about ten minutes to win, and of course Nelle and Larry came over to our table and chatted and we all talked about our vacations. Then at the gate we see Roger and Robin and there are more exclamations. A rainy January Sunday in Juneau was even nice (my daughters who live there may not agree, since they haven't been in Mexico where we just returned from since.. well, it must be five years now since we all did that family trip.)

Sunday's Thought

This is a thought I stole from the back page of the new Hospice of Haines newsletter, and is a favorite quote of my friend Beth, the HOH director. I think it is a very good one to begin 2016 with. Reverend Carolyn Colbert says:

Sunday's Thought

Last night's Holly Jolly Follies, the now annual Christmas variety show (or at least annual as long as Suzy and Tod organize, direct, and stage it) was perfect, if I do say so myself. I got to be in three of the acts and have spent a busy week rehearsing, and that was as much as fun as the show-- I'm still not sure how all the Fishpickers, and the banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, electric piano, bongo drums, and back up singers squeezed into the small front room of Dave's 100 year-old house between the woodstove and the sofa and table, but we did.

A Few Things to Make you Smile

Yesterday I was in the bookstore when Lucy Harrell came in with her friend Jim and I asked if she was buying gifts and she said, "No, I'm giving them." She handed Liz a check for 1,000 dollars for the Arts Council. (Liz's husband Tom is the president.) Liz gave it to me to bring to my husband, who is the treasurer.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

I was so grumpy this morning that I had to say to myself "find the good" when I rolled out of bed at 5:15, which is kind of funny. I was at rehearsal last night from about 6-9 at the Chilkat Center for the Holly Jolly Follies (Saturday at 7pm. It will be a great show) and sort of missed dinner.



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