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Four Good Things

At the end of the yoga retreat we were challenged to begin a practice of thinking of four things each night before we fall asleep that brought us joy that day. Only four? My squirrel brain hoards these good nuts. When I close my eyes to do this, I start listing things that happened years ago. If I'm going to give thanks, I want to give it for everything, just in case there is not another opportunity. Perhaps this is an Episcopalian thing?

Those Crazy Haines Folks

Yes, the man in the bear suit does live here and I'm pretty sure I know his name, as there is only one guy with a bear suit in town and he wears it often, usually while roller blading. (And writes about it for the Chilkat Valley News in his column.) I ran into him and his dog Falafel on the golf course yesterday but he didn't mention his sudden rise to national fame. Our man in the bear suit chasing the real bears out at Chilkoot is top-ten news from Fox to CNN.

Mixed blessings

Grandma Joanne is making a divinity pie, which is made of Ritz crackers, walnuts, sugar, and egg whites, with a lot of whipped cream on top. It has been known to send at least one of our friends to the hospital with heart failure (he got better and joked it was named divinity pie because it can give the eater a sneak preview of heaven...). It's for our last dinner before she flies out tomorrow at 2:45 for Juneau and an overnight with the girls there before heading back east Wednesday morning.

First Friday in August?! Already? It's true.

It's another First Friday party downtown (and all around town) in Haines today, with Dan Henry reading from his John Muir book at the Arts Confluence office between 5-7 and an opening in Joanie's gallery next door, and another up in the Fort at Nelle's shop featuring local artists, and they are having a garden party with snacks and fun and games at the green house behind the new hotel from 4-7.

A Few Wedding Pictures

I did not carry a camera for JJ's wedding--  so here are some snapshots from her friend Hannah Blilie who takes great wedding pictures, and swears she is an amateur. (I beg to differ.) JJ and Bryan were married on a boat-- one of the water taxis that  runs between Haines and Skagway.

The Wedding was Beautiful.. and All is Quite Well in a Busy Way.

From my inbox this morning:

Dearest Heather:
I am sending good thoughts your way as we have not seen your blog since the 19th.  We are knowing that all is well with you and yours.  If your life is less than perfect at the moment, just know that we are lifting you all up in prayer.

Carole and Richard in NC

Dear Carole and Richard:

My life is actually more than perfect at the moment. Thank you for the note and for missing my blog. 



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