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Walkin' and Talkin' Ramble

This is what my friend and I talked about walking the dogs this morning, in the long shadows of the equinox sun and yellow leaves and snow on the mountains and north wind blowing down the river as the tide came in beginning with the Pope's talk: 

Moose Hunting Postcard

My dad used to say the best thing about going away was coming home again. It was so nice to take a hot bath and get into clean clothes that were made from materials I can pronounce. Like cotton. Chip and I swung by Fish and Game and checked the white board in the window with the moose count on it on our way home. "Fifteen!" he said. "And not one of them ours ?" The moose we saw will live to father children.

How Can You Miss Me If I Don't Go Away?

This is what my mornings looked like the last few days- Caroline and I traveled to Juneau to hang out with baby James and his mother and aunt, and I assure you that babies and small children and technology just don't mix very well. Instead of blogging we read board books and sorted blocks, and when James napped, Caroline and I got dressed. His naps went by quickly. The little prince had our full attention.

Community Life Can Be A Challenge

These last few weeks with one foot standing in summer and the other in fall have been a little crazy. (In more ways than one.)There are fresh dahlias on the table and moose camp is up (the season opens Tuesday.) I hope the tent doesn't get washed away today. There is a flood watch.  When I asked Chip if I should be worried he said, no, it's better to have it flood when we aren't sleeping in it. And people think I'm the optimist.

Sunday's Thought

"For the love of God is broader than the measure of the mind; and the heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind." -Frederick W. Faber, words Hymn 470 in the Episcopal Church Hymnal 1982


A Correction

I think the cross country meet in Haines today begins at 1:45 at the fair grounds, but you'll want to be there a little earlier to walk out and watch it from somewhere on the course. Also, there is a golf  tournament (scramble) beginning today at 9am. (It's a little wet out, but on the plus side there isn't any wind.)As for us, I'm afraid I will miss both, as we are heading up the river to set up the wall tent for moose hunting today. My husband is a man with a mission.

"To get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to divide it with"-- Mark Twain.


Something Funny (and kind of true.)

So this morning Chip is reading all the news on the President's visit to Alaska. "He's having a blast," Chip said. Then he said, in a tone any Alaskan will recognize, especially on a sunny September morning like this: "He's going to get back to Washington and say 'screw this, I'm heading back to Alaska.' "  


Five Good Things

Riding a bike on a cool clear morning with snow on the mountains reminded me of something I heard Richard Nelson, the writer from Sitka who used to talk to himself (and us) while exploring the outdoors in his radio show Encounters say-- that the air was so fresh and cool breathing was like drinking a tall glass of spring water. That's  the first good thing.



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