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Sunday's Thoughts

How to Winterize Your Mind:

One: See the sun rise and set every day... Don't miss a minute of daylight.

Two: Learn to draw a tree...Now is the best time to see what a tree really looks like. Draw one every day.

Three: Put something beautiful in your room so that it's the first thing you see when you wake up.

Four: Mend something with your hands. Sew it, glue it, nail it, fix it.

Five: Hibernate. Life is but a Winter Dream.

Glad We're Not in Buffalo

In the immortal words of my friend John-- who when asked, "How are you doing this morning?"-- Replied, "I'm glad I'm not in Buffalo." We were in Buffalo this time of year in 2011, when Haines got about five feet of snow in a day. Remember?

This November, Haines has moved to the Oregon coast, is seems.

Monday Clarification & Correction

I have a new computer set up, and it's a little challenging for me to get the words out on it right, so far. My fault entirely. I am a creature of habit. Anyway, I pressed the buttons too fast this morning-- and it has been noted that the Community Foundation grant awards event is at 7 at the library on Weds evening, and the Women's Club Bazaar is Sat. 10-2 at the school  and not 1-2  as I typo-ed. Sheesh. Forgive me. 

Monday Morning News

I've been humming that song by Nanci Griffith, the one about just another morning miracle. For starters the fire was still going this morning, and I made it to the pool to swim. I met the new public health nurse, Bridget from Montana, and she said I can come in for a flu shot this week, but to call first as she's going to Skagway sometime this week, and that they cost 27 dollars and some change. 766-3300 is the number, and she's there 8-4:30, except lunchtime. 

Not Much Light, But Oh How Bright it Is

It's 22 degrees and clear, with 7 hours and change of daylight, although dusk begins at 2 when the sun dips behind the mountains.  It's  pushing 8  0'clock now and and shaping up to be the kind of blue,pink, and purple dawn that if it weren't all frosty I'd fall on my knees with my face to the rising sun and say thank you, thank you, thank you.  There's not much light, but oh how bright it is.

Night Music

We have just under eight hours of daylight today-- but oh, what light it is-- all frosty and bright- and it is supposed to be clear all week. The nights are worth standing out in the yard for with a coat on before bed, too. There were no Northern lights, but there were stars and a moon last night, and they shone on the river. At about four Pearl woke me up growling. I shushed her, and she did it again, and then I heard what she had-- a tin honking out the window, off keyish, and loud, like a sixth grade band practice.



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