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Dancing at our Time of Day? You Bet.

"Dancing at our time of day?" Is a line from the play Dancing at Lughnasa, that I get to say about it not being proper for the so-called "mature" Irish sisters, all unmarried, to attend a dance. "Do you want us to be the laughing stock of the countryside?" The proper Kate, who is ancient-- the oldest at 40, the script says. 

Sunday's Thought

From poet Mary Oliver:

"Every day I walk out into the world 

to be dazzled, then to be reflective.

It suffices, it is all comfort--

along with human love, 

dog love, water love..."

You Can't Ski on Rain

I'm trying to learn my lines for the play, Dancing at Lughnasa, and it is not as easy as I had hoped it would be. Then again, the nightly hurricanes this week have exhausted me, and I have trouble concentrating when I'm groggy. Pearl reacts to the wind and the rain like it's thunder, or fireworks, and pants and whines and jumps on and off the bed. For three nights in a row I bet I got a combined nine hours of sleep, and I really do need eight hours in a row. The rain is a challenge emotionally. It's just so unusable. Snow and ice I can work with. Ski, skate, snowshoe.

School Sale Update

I have had several notes from out of towners concerning the last letter about the Mosquito Lake School and what will happen to it.  After listening to everyone talk about how important it was, as both a school and  a community center, the manager withdrew his request to be able to sell it, and said he wouldn't revisit it for at least six months. (Applause all around. Democracy in action and all that.) 

Hope as a Course of Action

I've been getting teased a bit about telling Borough Manager Sosa that hope is a course of action in Haines. It happened at the last planning commission meeting (I’m on the commission). We had just listened to an hour of testimony from folks who want to the keep the Mosquito Lake School open for a community center, and hopefully ready to be a school again should 10 children enroll.  (The school is 26 miles from the main school in town, and has been there over 30 years.

Sunday's Thought

"In the midst of a mighty struggle to rid our nation of racial and economic injustice, I have heard so many ministers say, "Those are social issues which the gospel has nothing to do with," and I have watched so many churches commit themselves to a completely otherworldly religion which made a strange distinction between bodies and souls, the sacred and the secular."  

 Dr. Martin Luther King, in a letter from the Birmingham Jail,  August, 1963.


Happy Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday.  Say it three times and make it so. Which will be challenging since it is raining and slushing. It feels like we are living in a cold shower lined with ice. The whole gripper thing is an issue as well. My preffered ice cleats are the micro-spikes. They are great. But hard to get on and off boots, and they pierce indoor flooring and outdoor decks like golf shoe spikes or logging boots. At the library the other day I took my boots off, spikes and all, and put my slippers on, since the floors are wet and sandy. It's an option.



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