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Sunday's Thought from Mother Teresa


"We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls."- Mother Teresa

Election Week News

At the pool this morning Leanne and I were talking about this week's crazy election results: Alaskans statewide voted progressively and liberally in passing three ballot initiatives that raised the minimum wage, protected Bristol Bay from big mining interests, and legalized pot-- and we voted in GOP Rep. Don Young again and a new GOP senator, apparently, although we are still counting votes-- and neither agree with the majority of Alaskans on any of that stuff and on lots more. I can't explain it.


I am in the process of moving stuff from an old computer to a new one-- and getting the devices to"talk" to each other-- but I may have lost some of your emails in the process. So if I haven't responded to a note, please re-send it. Once this gets set, it will be pretty cool. I have a real standing work station now,  with a desk top computer, instead of typing on my lap top at the kitchen counter. It may seem like nothing to you-- but trust me-- this is way better. And my first big project will be shaping up a novel I wrote so that ,hopefully, you can read it sometime soon-ish

Caroline Meets James

Caroline and I took the ferry to Juneau Sunday so she could meet baby James, and stayed until Wednesday. It was a kind of big being gone for that long-- as she said "three sleeps"-- away from her parents and little sister Ivy, and Caroline is only four. "James is like a  little moon, isn't he Mimi?"  She said. "How so?" I asked. "He glows," she said.



Souls in the Wind

Halloween has come and gone, and I have survived. I am costume challenged, and easily spooked, so it has never been a favorite holiday for me, is that terrible to admit?

Happy Thursday

In the mornings these days Chip does his  physical therapy and rides a stationary bike and I head out to the pool. (The early bird swim is 6-7:45 MWF.) "It's social," I tell him, and hope that's true, never mind that with goggles and a cap on and with all of us with heads underwater, we only nod on the occasional shared turn. It's fairly quiet in there, except around the edges.

It's Good You Are Here

On Saturday the women's choir sang "Precious Memories" and "How Great Thou Art" at the graveside funeral for Rowena Jones. Her daughter, Stacie Turner, asked us to just before rehearsal Thursday so we had one practice with the songs. (We knew  the old hymn, but the other old timey tune was new to some of us.)



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