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What a Busy Weekend!

Here's the schedule of community events, as best as I can figure-- 

Basketball begins this afternoon against Wrangell:

2pm Boys JV

3:30 Girls JV

5:30 Boys Varsity

(The women's choir meets at 5:15, and will sing the national anthem.)

Senior night for girls/cheer team

7:15 Girls Varsity

Tomorrow's games are 2pm Girls JV, 3:30 Boys JV, 5:30 Girls Varsity, Senior night for boys/pep band and 7:15 Boys Varsity.

Three Lessons from a Morning March in the Wind.

Chip and I walked Pearl this morning in the glorious sunshine, bright white snow and clear blue sky-  honestly, it's prettier than a postcard if you can get out of the wind.  I couldn't take a picture because it was blowing so hard my fingers would have frozen, plus, removing the camera from my warm pocket in this weather fogs then frosts the lens.

Loving February? Who Knew?

I should have known the weekend would turn out well even if the flu won't let go, when Friday morning began with a book and a chocolate bar from my Valentine, and then at  noon there was a note on the bookstore door that said, "Closed 12-12:30 for a wedding!

Sunday's Thought

"When we agree (or get tricked into) being part of something larger than our own, worried, fixated minds, we are saved. When we search for something larger than ourselves to hook into, we come through whatever life throws at us."- Anne Lamott

Happy Valentine's Day

Just listening to my granddaughters Caroline (4) and Ivy (2 in May) sing Poppy (Chip) and Mimi (me)- and they even mention Pearl and Phoebe- a little Valentine song thanks to KHNS radio. It made me cry. Here's some Valentine mail that made me laugh. (I posted it on facebook, but you may not go there.) 

Happy Birthday to Sarah

29 years ago my second daughter was born in the old Haines clinic during a blizzard. Dr. Len Feldman delivered her with his boots on, and then the power went out so we were told we could go home. Our first visitors the next morning were Roger and Nancy Schnabel, who arrived on a giant road grader. The roads were still not cleared because there was so much snow that school was even closed for the first time in a decade. Dr.

Heard on the Wind Chill Line

We are entering the bragging stage of a cold snap. You know, the it's colder at my house than your's phase,  when we say things like, " We skated across Chilkoot and it was so cold I had to keep my eyes shut or they'd freeze" or "I wore my gloves in exercise class the weights were so cold"  and  "I'm still walking the dog, but all I can see through my face mask with my head down are my boots." The clear skies and sunshine are wasted. In yoga last night there was ice on the inside of the dance studio windows.

Eight Degrees and Clear

It's eight degrees with a North wind that could turn your face into an ice sculpture in about three minutes. Which means the skating is pretty good up at Rutzebeck by the rock end and great at Chilkoot once you get past the rough front part and down toward the Glory Hole. Here's a rumor worth spreading- if it can be called one-- It concerns the warm upwellings at that end of Chilkoot that cause soft spots and small circles of open water that skaters have to be careful about. Steve at the Post Office says he lit the air above one and it burned.



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