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Sunday's Thought

From Garrison Keillor, in honor of the big cold front and Epiphanies large and small: "I grew up among Bible-believing people in Minnesota, a cold-weather state when the wind blows down from Manitoba; it gets so cold your skin hurts, your innards clench up, and a man's testes shrink to the size of garden peas, but Everyone else is just as cold as you are so don't complain about it, this is not a personal experience, that's what we say.

Yes, there really is more snow than usual.

It's official. December's snowfall total was a record 91 inches. (The previous record was 77 inches.) Now the rain has made it even heavier, and messier, and the walkways and roads are even slicker. The official radio road report called driving conditions on the Haines Highway from town to the Canadian border "difficult."  I have not heard that before but of course it is exactly the right word. (At least the printable one.) The walk over the watery skating rink of a driveway to the garage required waterproof boots and crampons this morning.

Find the Good this New Year

Forget diets, exercise plans, cleaning the basement, praying more and worrying less-- all of that stuff will fall into place if you begin a very simple, deliberate practice of finding the good by intentionally seeking the positive in people and situations. Finding the good will make you happier and the people around you happier. So that's my New Year's resolution.

A Bright Snowy Sunday Walk Postcard

It's crazy blowing snow and dark, again. They say we will get another 5-10 inches today,  but yesterday was so great I can only hope  there's another blue sky high in our future. In the meantime, here's a postcard of my walk home from yoga (9:30) and church (10:30)  at the Chilkat Center Sunday around noon.Chip dropped me off, after blasting through the pre-plow berms in his truck, and had me do what we now call the Quito bus stop leap --thanks to JJ's descriptions-   as he coasted by the snowy Chilkat Center parking lot and on down the hill so he wouldn't get stuck.-- I'm just kidding.

A Christmas Acrostic


C is for Caroling in the Presbyterian church Christmas Eve, Caroline's princess outfit, and Christian's phone call right on cue.


H is for Home for the Holidays, except for Justin who missed the ferry and couldn't fly because of all the snow.

Sunday's Thought

I was a little stuck this morning, thinking of my Sunday Thought. There's so much seasonal pressure, you know? I first thought a line from a hymn, or carol would do--  but there are so many rolling around in my head right now. Then I thought of something I heard Faulkner once said. When he was asked what he thought of Christianity, he supposedly replied he thought it sounded pretty good and maybe we should try it some time.

Home for the Holidays

I was supposed to be in Juneau to read a piece I wrote about the Snow Dragon, the parade, and the Lighting of the Fort-- my favorite Haines Christmas traditions, for a KTOO and 360 North holiday special on Thursday,  visit my daughters,  and then from Juneau head up to Anchorage for a party. A party. Me. I know. Anyway, the weather was so bad I couldn't fly to Juneau in time for the show, but there was a ferry a day later, on Friday, which I took in a blizzard to see the girls, and because I still was supposed to fly to Anchorage Sunday.



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