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What You May Need to Know This Week

Halloween keeps on giving in Haines through the weekend--  The Babbling Book has Halloween stickers and tattoos and next door at Buckshot and Bobby Pins there are wigs. The Uglys haunted house will be open 6:00 to about 8:30 on Halloween in the ANB Hall, and the  Pioneer iPod DJ dance party for adults begins at 9:00. There's no school Friday so trick-or-treaters and their parents can recover. Also, it's still so mild that  not only trick-or-treaters are out and about in the dark.

Fit and Well-er Fall Flush

This morning was the first day of the Fall Flush with the Well& Fit group-- two weeks of cleansing and re-energizing myself thanks to giving up at least 2, hopefully more (and reducing the rest), -- of wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee & alcohol. And adding 20 minutes (or more) of a new activity each day. I am cutting it all except one cup of coffee and enough milk to make it light each morning. And I added swimming. In the pool locker room this morning at 7 am I told Joanie ,a retired nurse, who was surprised to see me there, all about the Flush.

A Few Reminders

We are turning Halloween into a week long event this year-- starting tonight with the Trick or Trot 5k fun run and walk at 5:30 in Dalton City, no matter what the weather. (A headlamp is a good idea.) There will be a fire pit, hot drinks, and prizes for the best costumes (which you trot around town and through the Fort in ...) If you are over 17, a 10 dollar entry fee goes to the Well & Fit crew,  under 17 are free.

Fish and Game (s) News

Well, there will be plenty to talk about over coffee for a few days, maybe longer, now that hunting guide and fisherman Ron Martin has admitted to, and been sentenced for, five hunting related felonies involving area bears and goats. He can't guide again and won't be getting his plane back, either. Listen to the local story on KHNS, or read what the  Alaska Dispatch writes.

Breaking News: Snow on Ripinsky.

If you have a fur hat, put it on. Then check the bindings on your snowshoes. The first snow of the season is falling on Mt. Ripinsky, from the summit right on down the flanks-- perhaps all the way to the microwave tower, it's hard to tell from the sea-level windy wet perspective of a morning dog walk. I would have snapped a picture, but the camera lens fogged up.

First Frost. Thank Goodness.

That's how it always works, isn't it? The minute you comment on the fine weather, it changes. We had the first frost last night, which meant I had to scrape the windshield this morning before Morning Muscles, but the stars and moon were still out and there were no bears in sight, although something kept the dogs in town barking all night, if my fellow exercisers are a fair sampling. The nip in the wind today makes me feel much better than I have in months.

Good News & Bears

 We  finally put  the garden mostly to bed and installed the snow-breaks and stacked the firewood on the porch. I mean it's the end of October and time to be done with it, whether the window boxes  are ready or not, right? Sort of. I kept the front box filled for now. We haven't even had a frost. Also, the kale and chard are still edible, so that bed will stay until they are gone or freeze, whichever comes first.

Sunday's Thought

Vincent van Gogh wrote, in a letter to his brother, "I have a terrible need of-- shall I say the word?-- Religion. Then I go out and paint the stars." (And in my humble case, walk the dog.)



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