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Happy Birthday JJ We Wish You Many More

On birthdays when they were young I'd tell my children the story of their arrival. Eliza's will always be that she is the first and thus the most miraculous, plus the TV repairman arrived in the Anchorage hospital room right at the height of that first shocking labor. Sarah's story includes the record breaking blizzard and is set in the Haines clinic with Dr. Feldman attending in his boots.

There's a Pattern Here

Have you noticed that I seem to show up here every Tuesday lately? Honestly, I promise that I'm getting it together and from now on will send you pithy, brilliant, and informative daily news of life in Haines, or if not all that, at least something interesting about life as I know it on most days, now that mine are settling into a pattern. I have even made a schedule for myself and writing this is in it every day except Saturday. (I am returning to the Sunday's Thought feature, too.) I've been a little loose. Okay, a lot loose. I apologize.

Weekend Update.. On Tuesday?

Well, that's moose hunting-- we've been at it four days a week for four weeks, and the moose have safely avoided our freezer. More on that in the next post. While we were hunting, the beautiful old tender (1937, wooden, classic, 70 feet) Neptune sank in the harbor, no one was hurt, and no wildlife have been harmed from the fuel spill. The harbor master is being praised for his quick response and a job well done. Margaret at KHNS has the best summary, so listen here.

Results are In

Congratulations to the newest assembly members: George Campbell-- a garlic farmer and arts supporter (the Green Room at the Chilkat Center is dedicated to the memory of his mother, Barbara Campbell, long time Actfest stage manager), plus he plays the bag pipes--  which could end long meetings in a hurry--and Diana Lapham, Pete's widow, and a caring generous person with time to get to work for us,  and to incumbent Sarah Swinton and school board rookie and longtime local nurse Lisa Schwartz. (The race for the third school board seat between Ardy and Scott is too close to call.

Vote Today!

Can you believe it? It's an election day, my favorite holiday. I love to vote. I hope you do too-- Please do. There are a lot of good people running for local office-- I'm still not sure who all I'll choose yet for all the borough assembly and school board seats-- but I do know Ardy Miller will get one of my school board votes, the career educator who retired here was terrific in the KHNS/ Chilkat Valley News candidate forum, and is supported by Anne Marie Palmieri who knows her way around the school board block. I will also write in Mario Benassi.

Mooseless on Mud Bay Road

Yes, we are still moose-less after 10 days of hard, and I think smart, hunting. I figured Chip would be disappointed when we left camp last night without a moose, but he said, "That was another great weekend.  We've had some really good hunting, haven't we?" And the thing is,  he meant it. Also, he was right, we have had a very good hunt so far. (And we still have a week. There have been 18 bulls taken, and the season runs through October 7.) Spending time outdoors trains you to pay attention in such a different way than you do in town and there's so much to notice.



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