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Haines' New Telephone Pole Park

Construction continues at the waterfront on the new intersection of Fort Seward at  Portage Cove.  Our friends from AP&T have added a new attraction that dwarfs the big hammer on Main Street: What may be the largest municipal telephone pole in southeast Alaska has proudly risen on a waterfront knoll dead center of where the new roads and sidewalks meet.  It is flanked by more giant poles and sturdy guy wires fit for a Los Angeles intertie, all marching through the historic district from the cruise ship dock to Tlingit Park in Haines most highly visited and photographed area.

Reality Televison Knocks on the Door

I have been asked to audition for a new Alaskan reality TV show made by the folks who bring you Pawn Stars, called Alaska Rivers (and the people who live on them.) Apparently the producers like this blog, and as you know we do live in a photogenic place populated by interesting and eccentric people. Here is the questionnaire they sent that I'm supposed to answer on video, while having a really fun, friendly time of it:

1. What is your full name?

Sunday's Thought

This is what I want my grandchildren to know: that every day they have a choice to wake up on the good side of the bed or the bad, with a smile or a frown, with a howl or a song. So here is a little tune from Oklahoma! that I have taught Caroline (3) to sing when she wakes. "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I have a beautiful feeling everything's going my way."  Go ahead, sing that while you are brushing your teeth and just try not to smile.

Ships and Shops

There was a really big ship in town yesterday-- so large it made the hefty Port Chilkoot Dock look like a toy. It seemed as if the ship could pull the dock away with it. From one angle just about all of  Mt. Riley was blocked. It was windy, kind of cool in unprotected areas and there were scattered showers, which may be why the three thousand or so people on board weren't everywhere.  There were some tourists certainly, but the town did not suddenly more than double. It didn't feel like the beerfest or the fair crowds do.  Many must have stayed inside. Which is too bad.

Positively Enlightening

At Shelly's talk last night at the library I learned that it is a good thing to wear rose colored glasses, and that people who do, are happier, and that there is data to prove it, thanks to practitioners of the relatively new field of positive psychology. Shelly said the experts have proven that 50% of the way we view the world (happy, sad, just fine thanks) is genetic. Some of us are born on the right side of the bed, 10 % is circumstance, and a whopping 40% can be learned by intentionally practicing a realistic form of optimism.

I'm Home!

I am so sorry not to have told where I went and when I would return-- I thought I'd be able to visit from Skagway and would check in after I arrived-- but my motel did not have internet-- And, like a delay from a canceled flight resulting in a five hour layover, I decided to make the most of it, and stay unplugged for a few days and totally tuned into the people I was with.



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