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No Baby Yet

There's no baby yet, although we are starting a pool amongst the family of when she will arrive and what her name will be. My friends Nancy and Sue are still lobbying, as they have with each granddaughter now, for a little Nancy Sue, which I kind of like, since these days she would be the only Nancy Sue at school and since I do adore Nancy and Sue.

Everything is Fine

Yesterday my daughter Sarah said I really have to check in, as you are worried something may be wrong. Everything is fine. My daughter  Stoli is still up in Anchorage, and that baby is still growing inside of her, so it has been a very big three weeks, development wise. (Her due date is Sept. 19.)  Stoli's doing great, her husband is a saint and the little one to-be is fine by all accounts. She has less than four more weeks to be full term, and so is pretty much out of the woods.  It's hard being away from Lani and home, so for them, the days-- weeks (!)  have been slow.

No Such Thing as "a" Baby...

I wish I had my camera yesterday when little Lani and I were on the beach, and saw two kite boarders skipping over the surf, flying between the cove and Pyramid Island in the strong wind-- and how one, my neighbor James, who has a South African accent, came zooming right up to us on the shore, dumped the big sail, and stepped onto the beach in his wetsuit and harness, holding the slick board, and said hello-- it was a 007 moment--  I half expected him to peel off the suit and reveal a dinner jacket-- after a little chat, he hopped back into the water , hooked up his board and said goodbye,

Jammin' of Different Flavor

My schedule has been turned on its head thanks to a darling 17 month old, which is a good thing-- as I'm a little tired, frankly, and appreciate the slower, gentler pace.  The best thing about having little children around is that as long you don't try to do anything else, caring for them is easy.  The fine summer weather is wiping everyone out. I mean, when it's sunny and 70 for months, we have to ride bikes, climb mountains, garden, stain the deck, picnic, jam and fish--  throw sticks to swimming dogs-- all of it. It never ends!

The Fam A-Team to the Rescue

First, the great good news is that Stoli is well, she and Nels are in Anchorage  and the doctors have stopped the labor, and hope to keep it stopped for at least 2 more weeks (Stoli is 34 weeks today, term is 40, but their 17 month old Lani was 2 weeks early...).Stoli is also very healthy,  and the baby in her womb is healthy too-- she just wants to meet us soon, is all. You may have gathered that it  has not been a quiet week in this Lake Woebegone at all. Thursday my daughter and her husband and toddler left for six weeks in Sitka to wait for baby number two (due Sept.

Taking a Walk

I've been humming that John Prine tune, "I'm taking a walk, going outside..." this weather has a pull stronger than gravity. And who can say no to Pearl and her ball? And a person can't work all day. A writer on a deadline must stretch her legs. Breathe deeply, and get sand between her toes. (Or more accurately, mud. The melting glaciers have deposited a thick sheen of goopy till below the tide line and it's turned the inlet the color of creamy coffee.)  Speaking of which,I am sipping another cup, and back at my desk, and that book I'm supposed to be writing?

Sun Drunk

This weather just has me all sun drunk-- it is crazy, and beautiful, and as Mary Jean just said on the phone (she had dialed my number by mistake, but we had a nice chat anyway), it even smells like summer used to when she was a kid in San Diego-- the sand, the sea, the suntan lotion.

Want That Good Busy Baking Feeling?

It's Southeast Alaska State Fair time and Hospice Desserts to Die For booth time. You know what they say, when it rains it pours? So of course the berries need picking, the garden has exploded, the sockeye are running, the days are shrinking, the dogs are shedding, company is still arriving, and you are a tad behind at work. Oh aren't we blessed?  Showcase your baking skill, and earn that  doing-good busy-baking feeling,  by (please) preparing a divine dessert (cake, pie, cupcakes, trifle?) for the Hospice booth. You may drop it off Thursday, Friday, or Saturday when you come to the fair.



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