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Golden Retriever Owners' Problems

Maybe we should call it manic May? I mean, I wanted spring so badly that I was getting kind of depressed-- okay, really grumpy actually. But when it suddenly arrived yesterday-- late, but in a spectacular way-- all shorebirds, sea lions, bears, wolves, moose, swans-- sun and even warmth-- I felt like I had back when I was nine months pregnant with my fourth child and so wanted to deliver her, until the first labor pangs commenced and I remembered the work of bringing a new life into the world. I could have used another day, or at least a nap, first.

Sunday Thought

Schools of little fish properly called eulachon or more often hooligans, have arrived, just as they have every Alaskan spring since time in memorial. Yet the date they show up, the length of the run, and even the strength of their numbers remains a mystery. Einstein said that the fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Maybe We Can Pretend it's March?

We could pretend this is March, then it wouldn't be odd at all to be so cold and relentlessly snowing. Then, a bike ride in the snow would be almost fun, something to laugh or even brag about-- or at least a choice-- and not a must-do with 7 weeks before the Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay.

Something Funny

The phones rings Saturday morning. My husband answers it. "Here, talk to the person who answers surveys," he says and hands it to me.  I say I do have a few minutes to answer questions about Alaska issues. The first one is: How often do I vote? There are a choices, sometimes, never etc. I answer, "always." I have never missed a local, state, or national election, special ones included. The second question: Are you affiliated with or a member of any political party or movement? Again, a list of options.  I wait until I hear mine. " Yes.

Real Feel 17 Degrees

It is 32 degrees, snowing sideways and the north wind is blowing 20 mph. "Real feel 17" is what the weather icon on the community web page says. Today is the drop off for the annual spring hospice rummage and bake sale at the ANB Hall.  The annual spring student art show is going up on the walls of the school today. Tonight is the annual Spring Fling barbecue and dance at the fairgrounds, featuring Julia and the Perpetual Beer Run band. Tomorrow kicks off the annual spring community clean-up (and the weekend of rummage sale bargains).

Spring Cleaning, Writer-Style.

I have been inspired to spring clean my office this week by beautiful photos in the New York Times of one writer's lovely writing space. It was so tidy and pretty. Mine, on the other hand, looks like some kind of re-cycle center for white paper and old coffee cups. I print out every draft.  Just in case. And I save them all. Just in case.

A Little Drama was Just What I Needed

Lynn Canal Community Players weekend drama, Dinner With Friends, was just great. I had dreaded it because of the publicity, which emphasized the serious tone of infidelity, divorce, and friends taking sides. It wasn't suitable for anyone under 18 either.  And there was an almost four minute nasty marital bedroom fight.  I mean really, in April, when it's still so cold, and just when you think it is spring it snows again? But the show was so well written (those Pulitzer Prize judges know their drama) and so well acted and directed that I was pulled in right from the start.



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