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Sunday's Thought

"There is no mistaking love. You feel it in your heart. It is the common fiber of life, the flame of that heats our soul, energizes our spirit and supplies passion to our lives. It is our connection to God and to each other." - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Basketball Update

Our girls did not fare as well against Craig, but since the tourney is double elimination they are still in it, and play Metlakatla-- again-- at 11:30 today. The game will be broadcast on KHNS, where you can also find more tournament info.

Also, while I have your attention, here is the quote of the day from retired public health nurse and beloved elder Joan Snyder's letter to the editor in this week's Chilkat Valley News: "A doctor once suggested that birth control pills should be sold over the counter and cigarettes by prescription only. Good advice."

Go Lady Bears!

 Oh my gosh- what a great game last night at the regional basketball tournament in Sitka. We listened on the radio. How fun was that to hear the Haines Lady Glacier Bears beat the Metlakatla Miss Chiefs in overtime? And Riley! I almost died for her when she was fouled attempting a three pointer when we were behind by three with about 20 seconds to go-- what terrible pressure! And then she sank all three! The volunteer announcers, Doug Olerud from Olerud's Market Center and my neighbor Lyle, a retired teacher and  former basketball coach, could hardly contain themselves it was so thrilling.

Holding the Space

Sometimes I wonder how so much good and bad can happen in such a short time. Friday night we watched the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. It was part of a fundraiser for the fair and the watershed council held at the fairgrounds. The first film drew applause because it was shot right here, in Haines.  It was a group of extreme skiers dropping down impossibly steep mountains, more snow padded cliff than ski slope, it seemed. It was the beginning of the second weekend of the local heli-ski season and you could feel the excitement in the crowd of guides, locals, and visitors.

Dark News on a Bluebird Day

I am up too early. Sitting at the kitchen counter sipping coffee. The fire is popping in the stove, the radio is on low, with the news. Our news, that a heli-skiing accident yesterday killed one guide, and seriously injured two clients, hasn’t made the loop yet. But it will, I’m sure. I couldn’t sleep thinking about how our good news is someone else’s bad news. In the ski party of five (two guides, three clients) one guide was just on the other side of the crack that sent an avalanche crashing down the slope, and watched the whole thing.

Sunday's Thought

 " Happiness always comes as a by-product of something else- it does not exist as a separate entity. It is those who know what it is to give themselves to something larger than they are who know joy."- Bishop Edmond Lee Browning


A Few Good Screens (and a Film Screening.)

Go ahead, play in the snow-- here is a great little film of a sledding race set to the William Tell Overture by 23 year-old Haines filmmaker Kee Heywood.  (It's only a few minutes and will make you wish you were playing hooky for real.)He made it back in 2009. Kee is currently completing his first feature length film in San Francisco, where he is finishing up film school. This answers the question  of what we do in the winter around here.

Sneezing & Typing a Few Thoughts on Writing.

I think it was Edna Ferber (Giant author) who said the work of writing must be done, "sick or well", or, I might add,  if the muse sprinkles fairy dust or not. Recently, I had to write an artist's statement for a fellowship. In a page or less I had to say why I write, how I write, and what writing means to me.  I worked on it for about three days, and almost sent in it, but decided to sleep on it one more night. I assumed they wanted to know how I write so they could tell if I knew my stuff. Like a bread baker or mechanic.



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