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A Few Things to Know for Now

Well, February is coming in like a Glacier Bear. Tonight at 7:00 the Debate, Drama and Forensics team host their always entertaining and filling dessert auction fundraiser for travel to the state championship. At 6:00 the women's choir meets to practice the Star Spangled Banner which we will sing tomorrow night at the basketball game if the Craig boys can fly in-- the JV play at 6:30, varsity at 8:00. Saturday morning at 7:30 the 4th grade has a pancake feed in the cafeteria to raise money for their Yukon trip, and at 10:00 it is the Haines Winter Olympics at the the Fairgrounds.

A Sunday's Schooling

 Yesterday morning three year-old Caroline and I attended the Presbyterian Church. She told her mother that she was going a new church, not the "Haines church where Nancy plays the piano."  Which is kind of funny since the Episcopal mission we usually attend in the lobby of the arts center has about ten of us, including an old dog, and the Presbyterians founded the town of Haines and even named the site the Tlingits gave them after a Presbyterian official, Francina Haines-- . Anyway, we went to hear Caroline's Aunt Stoli play the piano.

Sunday's Thought


"To me, faith is not very dependent on understanding. It is, rather, a decision about where I will put my life's energy. I choose to live with reference to God. So the question of faith is not so much, What do you think? as it is, Whom will you follow? Not so much a matter of the intellect as a matter of the heart and will." -Bishop Edmond Lee Browning

Ferryboat Serenade

At about 9:30 this morning Chip came back from work-- he had forgotten his empty growler for the brewery-- it must be Friday. It also must be February, as we now have 8 hours of daylight (and much longer 'nautical twilight' making evening walks, skis or snowshoes easier).

Something Funny

Caroline (now three) and I took advantage of the weather and cleaned my closet yesterday. About halfway through the sorting, tossing, Salvation Army pile, and dusting, I said this was a terrible mistake. "We will never finish. What was I thinking, Caroline Cooper?" She sighed. Put her hands on her hips and said, "Mimi, relax. Just relax."

(She never has to say that to Pearl.) 

The Weather Remains Great for Reading.

Last night the basketball games were crowded, no matter if it was a school and work night and skin could freeze walking (well, creeping, the ice is so hard to see) across the parking lot. Tim is volunteering on the radio this morning and of course praising this paradise we live in and saying that we have, "The best darn radio station this side of Mars,"  and apologizing, with a laugh, for the weather report-- "Hey, I just read it folks."  These are the kind of days we brag about in July.

Made it to Florida

I am doing something wrong and unethical and maybe illegal-- but totally by accident, I might add. While Chip and his mom watch the Notre Dame game (his cousin taught there, so they are our team today), I am in the dining room, all set up to keep my New Year's resolution of writing at least 2 hours every day and finishing this latest book, even on vacation. A little box just popped up on my computer asking me if I wanted to join a wireless network. Grandma Joanne is not online, at all. I know that.


There's that moment each year when you write the new date on a thank-you note or a check and can't quite believe it: 1-3-13. 2013? Really? I need to take down my December calendars too. The tree is already gone and the living room seems so much bigger and lighter.  Little Caroline and I took it down, and it was much more fun than putting it up. We neatly wrapped each ornament and talked about them much more than we had when we put them all up. I suppose there is less pressure to make it special, you know? We even put on some Christmas music, and shared a stale candy cane.



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