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It's Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Sitka challenger Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins got 32 more votes than Haines incumbent Bill Thomas, which means he is the winner for the Alaska house district 34 seat. For now. Last week both candidates said with it this close they'd ask for recounts. I hope Bill doesn't, as it seems that the good folks at elections have been careful. 32 votes is not 2, or even 7, or 16. 32 is a classroom with too many kids in it. 32 is a Varsity, JV, and Freshman squad basketball team. In Haines, and even in bigger Sitka, 32 is a crowd.

A Few Things to Know for the Holiday

First, they are counting the last votes in the Thomas, Kreiss-Tomkins election this morning. I'll let you know what happens. Also-- today the ferry arrives at 11:30(there's one tomorrow too),  school is out at 2,  the bank is serving pumpkin pie, tonight at 7 the Presbyterians host a community Thanksgiving church service, tomorrow at 8:30 is a  special, all invited to give it a whirl yoga session at the school followed by the Turkey Trot at 9:45.  Community dinners begin at noon at the Port Chilkoot Bible Church and the Assembly of God.

One Good Question.

I was in the shower the other day when I heard that song that ponders what if God were one of us? On the radio. If  you could ask God just one question, what would be? I started to answer, and then changed my mind. Really, just one? I've been thinking about this for two days and I still can't come up with just one question. I have requests. Comments, even, but one question that I would want to hear God's answer to? That's a little risky.

Southeast Election Update

That was quick. The votes are counted and Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins is now ahead of Rep. Bill Thomas in the District 34 house race by 28 votes. The word is that there are --maybe-- 26 more ballots due to be counted Weds. Tune in to KHNS tonight for the details. 

I'm Living in a Booth Cartoon

 The fire's lit. We've been fed. You've had your coffee. So let's walk, okay? I can hear them talking, I swear.  "Just a minute, let me make some oatmeal and veggie scraps for the hens. It's freezing out there." (Have you listened to the weather forecast?) I'm glad Chip's coming home soon, since my life has become a Booth cartoon. Phoebe is not in the picture, as she does not care for walks and she has dragged Madi and Pearl's bones under the table where she is guarding them with wicked growls.

Sunday's Thought

 From the Rev'd. Jan's Hotze's Sunday homily:

"Rules don't save us-- our relationships are what saves us. You know that in your bones relationships transform us. Well, it's the same with God."

What You May Need to Know for Today and Tomorrow.

I have to run back and make a few corrections (and I already made a splash with doing that yesterday-) They say that news is the first draft of history. I say blogs are the first draft of the news. I usually don't publish anything without at least ten drafts, except these, which I do go over twice, sometimes three times-- but obviously I'm losing my mojo. Blame the slush. Or the darkness, Or living sort of alone for two weeks while Chip is hunting, but I apologize.

Correction: Gym Floor Dedication is FRIDAY.

Ashley just called from the school, and said the gym floor dedication is Friday NOT Saturday as previously blogged.  I apologize. At least you can still attend. Although I can't, since I'll be singing at the Bald Eagle Foundation. Sorry for the misinformation, and that I can't be there, but I'm sure I'll get to admire the new floor a lot this winter, as we cheer on the Glacier Bears.


It's a Busy Bird Week

On the radio this morning Tom reminded everyone  of what a busy "bird week" this is-- what with eaglefest followed so closely by Thanksgiving. (Good thing that old Ben Franklin didn't get his wish and make our national bird a turkey. Then we might be eating eagles.) The annual eagle festival is offering tours in the eagle preserve, and lots of neat lectures and presentations for guests and locals alike. Here's the full schedule.



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