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A Wedding and a Funeral

My weekend plans kind of sound like an English movie- I have a funeral and a wedding to go to tomorrow. Harriett's service is at 1:00 at Harriett Hall, yes, it was named for her, at the Fairgrounds, and Adam and Amelia are celebrating their marriage with everyone in town at 5:00 up at the Tribal House on the Parade Grounds. They will provide fish and drinks, please bring sides or salads because, as the newspaper ad invitation says,  Adam needs a break from cooking. He is the chef at the Fireweed and they have had their busiest weeks ever recently.

So Much Depends on So Little

When a friend of hers heard that my daughter JJ was anxiously waiting to hear if she got a teaching job in Juneau, he said, "One phone call will change your life." She did get that call yesterday and is now packing for the move to the capital, and her sister Eliza who lives there is cleaning out her spare room so JJ can have it. It is nice that they will be together, and that they share the same profession. But what will we do without JJ? We'll be fine, and we are so happy for her, especially since she is over the moon excited. One phone call can really make a difference.

I'm Home

 I am home now after  a few long flights from London to D.C. to Seattle to Juneau and finally up to Haines and so I've been out of touch.  I am cleaning my desk today, and getting a little organized-- the family, animals, and garden all need some attention. I also have to get back to work, as Harriet Jurgeleit passed away. She had been failing before I left, so it is not unexpected, and she was such a lovely person and she lived a nice long life, that it won't be too hard write.  I do have some photos to go through as well, which I'll share.

A Postcard from the Equestrian Olympic Venue

I figured you might like these pictures of our day yesterday, from walking through Greenwich Park to the stadium to Karen jumping, the quick re-arranging of the grounds before the awards, the medal presentations and the international teams' party afterward for the British silver medalists at the hospitality room in the Royal Maritime Museum. (In one photo I did catch the back of the Princess Anne, can you find her?) In the stadium the royal family members sat a few rows down from me on the same side of the stands.

Karen is the best of the US at the Olympics

Karen finished ninth today, and was the top American. The team had some trouble, to say the least, with the only other good round going to young Will Coleman, whose horse stopped at a jump yesterday on the cross country course and so they lost a bunch of points, but who rode wonderfully today in the packed Olympic stadium for a clear show jumping round. Karen had two clear rounds, in both the team and individual competitions— and she was just terrific.

Like an English Novel? Early Morning Thoughts.

 It is raining and cool this morning, which is too bad, as today is our last day at the event, and a stadium day, which is usually a kind of dress up day, as we are just watching show jumping. We are up early in our little London house taking turns in the bathroom, making tea one at a time in the narrow galley kitchen and looking for the power converters (we have two between the five of us) to charge camera, phone and computer batteries.

Huff Post Blogs

I am not sure if my blogs are getting to the Huff Post or not, and I'd rather be watching the games here in London than fiddling with my computer-- so here is the one I just sent, just so you can read it, at least-- Now I'm off to watch the rest of the dressage tests at the horse arena across the park--

At the Olympics with Royalty and Commoners



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