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We Are UAA

I had just about the best seat in the Sullivan Arena for my daughter JJ's graduation from the University of Alaska Anchorage on Sunday, and certainly the best I'd had when her three older siblings graduated from Bowdoin, Washington State, and CU Boulder. That's because I was graduating too, and my school (college of arts and sciences) was the first to process in and we master's degree recipients were in the front of the line. I wasn't going to attend my commencement, since I already had the diploma.

Off to Anchorage for Graduation

'Tis the season-- the home track meet begins this afternoon, tomorrow is the community-wide kick off for the pick-up-the-trash- that-blew-out- of-the-truck-shed-your hand- God only knows where it all came from-- and now has migrated to the brush, roadsides, ditches,  creeks, playgrounds, beaches, and vacant lots. Meet at the bank at 11 for "Cleano De Mayo"  Many hands make light work. It is also prom night Saturday, and this year has a 1920s circus theme. The junior class has set up the red and white canvas fair tent in the gym, I hear.



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