A Presbyterian Slip

 With the rain in mind, here is a timely typo (and nice sentiments) from the January Presbyterian church newsletter:


Keep on Living the Christmas Spirit

Seasonal greetings and kindness should just be starting. See someone who needs your help, a cheerful word, a surprise call, a plate of flood. Offer an arm to someone tip-toeing on ice. Wear creepers to be safe yourself. Thanks to all who sand the church parking lot and walks. God knows you.




A Heart for Winter

 The rain is raining all a round it rains on field tree, it rains on the umbrellas here and on the ships at sea. I was thinking of Robert Louis Stevenson's  verse this morning, listening to the hard rain on the roof and wishing it were snow. It's more than a little ironic that there is a record setting blizzard blowing across the Lower Forty-eight and we are in the middle of a serious thaw. There's no snow left  in my yard. Last night we walked to the sauna (from the house across the yard) in our bathrobes and Crocs on wet grass.

Sunday's Thought

 From a poem by Jane Kenyon called Let Evening Come:

To the bottle in the ditch, to the scoop

in the oats, to air in the lung 

let evening come.

Let it come, as it will, and don't

be afraid. God does not leave us

comfortless, so let evening come.





Beach Walk Postcard

We have had  a week of rainy wind, and it washed all the snow off  the beach. Now it is clear and cooler, again, but with the low water in the Chilkat River thanks to ice higher up, the beach where it meets the sea is miles wide, especially at low tide. Here's a postcard of Friday afternoon's walk. 



I Love You

 At our Hospice of Haines board meeting this week we passed the tissues. Vince began the meeting with a prayer, and asked that we keep Mary Miles in our hearts as her husband had suddenly died. Nancy said grieving is hard, and you never really get over losing someone, you just adjust to life without them.  Beth told us she loved the board. At choir practice last night she said, "I can't believe I told the board I love them." She said we all must think she's crazy. I told her not all.

Joking JJ

So, my daughter JJ was once featured on the Prairie Home Companion annual joke show. She was about ten, and her joke was about introducing hamburgers, the punchline was "meat Patty." Anyway, JJ missed the joke show this year (it was last weekend) but had hoped we listened carefully, since she loves jokes, especially bad ones. We didn't. But she has some new jokes in her repertoire. This morning she emailed me this one from college in Anchorage:

Q: What does your father do for a living?

A: He's a magician. He saws people in two.

A Basketball Post Card

Here are a few images of the second Skagway-Haines basketball game. The mighty Panthers won it. They played fast and passed the ball hard, sank three-pointers and  were fun to watch.  

Here's Coach Elliott and Coach DeWitt on the bench.

Haines scores.

Fans watch the game.

Something Funny

I wrote a little sketch on snowshoeing on Mt. Ripinsky for National Geographic Traveler that was just  shared in the latest edition of the news magazine, The Week.  So far so good. But as soon as anyone googles Mt. Ripinsky + snowshoeing they'll find Tom Morphet's great  Chilkat Valley News story about Keith Hutchins' fall off the mountain and the amazing rescue. And I wrote it was a wonderful place for a nice winter hike.

Home of the Brave

 Sometimes the best teamwork is not on the basketball court. After school superintendent Michael Byer announced the players and coaches for the Lady Glacier Bears and Wrangell Lady Wolves Saturday night, he said, "And now with the presentation of our national anthem, Harley Williams." There was a pause while we all stood and put our hands over our hearts and turned toward the flag on the wall. Then, Mr. Byer began singing.  Eyes were raised, people smiled, some snuck looks over their shoulders his way. How about that? The Superintendent had a pretty good voice.

Trying To Smile Without Miles

We heard the emergency broadcast on an EMT's pager at church, the voice said there was a 63 year old man, unresponsive on Mosquito Lake, CPR had begun. When the service was over another EMT, arriving to pick up his wife said the man hadn't made it, but couldn't, as per the volunteer ambulance crew code, say who it was. But he was shook up. "It'll be a real blow the town," he said. " He was pretty popular." It was on Mosquito Lake, in January. A snowmachiner? An ice fisherman? I guessed hoping to get a clue. "Skiing. He was skiing with friends." That limited the possibilities.



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