Twinkle Twinkle Little iPad?

My house guests from San Francisco have an iPad, and they've been showing Chip and I all the cool things it does, well, as much as we have time for. The videos, and audio, can take a while with the slow internet here.  They told me that in London it's 24 times as fast.  One of the features of the iPad is that you can hold it up to the sky where ever you are and it shows you a photograph-like image of the stars and constellations over your house, and even labels them for you. We could see the stars that would be out later, right from our kitchen, in the day time.

Sunday Thought

Today is All Saint's Day, and here's the Sunday thought from the back of our church bulletin:
Let us not tire of denouncing the idolatry of wealth, which makes human greatness consist in having and forgets that true greatness is being. One's value is not in what one has, but in what one is.-- Oscar Romero, martyred Archbishop of San Salvador 

Man in a Tree

Friday afternoon on Main Street: Pizza climbed a cottonwood tree in a chicken suit, as part of a YouTube video he's making, and the editor of the Chilkat Valley News took his picture. One on-looker wondered if this was art, which Joe says it is, another said that he was in her tree and ordered him to come down right now, as surely what he was doing was against the law.

Changing Weather

 It's hard to believe that there's a winter storm watch for 4-9 inches of snow by tomorrow at noon, but that's what the weatherman says. It's 40 degrees and windy wet at the moment. My pansies are still half-blooming. The grass is green. Yesterday the tide was so high, and with the waves and all the water in the river, the house felt like a boat at the dock. I ran my errands in my rain-gear.

Not Really News, But Some Things You Should Know.

 It didn't snow last night, in town anyway, but the mountains are thick with it and it is raining, as my husband says "to beat the band." Speaking of bands, Debra Schnabel is hoping to revive the band that played for South Pacific, and is calling the group the North Pacific Holiday Band. (Get it? It took me a minute, but she told me about at six this morning at Morning Muscles class.) Anyway, there were 8 musicians in the original band, and she said she'd like them all back and hopes  to find enough people with instruments (who can play them) to march in the Christmas Parade.

Chilkat Valley Election Results

The election is over, sort of, it will take a few weeks to read all the names on the write-ins to make sure they are indeed for Lisa Murkowski, who is probably the winner in the Alaska senate race, and Governor Parnell also is back, as is the man my favorite morning newspaper calls "Congressman for all Alaskans except moi," Don Young. But you can find that out anywhere. Here is how the three Haines area precincts voted -- Haines proper, out the Highway, and the small Tlingit village of Klukwan, also out the road.

Vote Today, and Remind Three Friends to.

 Last night we had 13 robo-calls. Chip and I ate dinner and listened as the answering machine recorded them. The President of the United States called, and so did Joe Miller, Scott McAdams and even crazy Michelle Bachman. Mike Huckabee called from Arkansas and asked us to vote for his friend Joe Miller. (Guess he didn't know that Miller's body guards handcuffed a reporter friend of mine.) A nice girl from Anchorage phoned in, asking for us to vote for Lisa Murkowski, and reminded us to fill in the oval and write her name in. Don Young called and said we should  vote for him.

Yellow Ribbon Tree

 I have a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, who has been decorating a spruce tree on the side of road at 7-mile for about ten years.   She hangs eggs on it at Easter, and hearts on Valentine's Day, and pumpkins and goblins at Halloween. There were stuffed animals one month, peace signs another. Depending on the weather, she could get really creative. She says she decorated it for the last time the other day. The swamp it is growing in is too mucky for her to continue, and she is a grandmother so her back is not what it once was.

A Sunday Thought.

 From the church bulletin today:
"Grace and goodness come from God...We are not the sole authors of our own story. What does come from us, though, are the decisions we make in the face of the graces we receive. We can either respond to each life grace and become what we might be in every situation, what ever the effort, or we can reject the impulses that the magnet in us  called goodness brings in favor of being less than we ought to be. It is in those decisions that we must bend our lives to the better."  -- Joan Chittester, The Rule of Benedict



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