Welcome Happy Morning

I know it is Maundy Thursday-- the night of the Last Supper, and tomorrow is Good Friday, and Easter isn't until Sunday, but it is a moveable feast, and it sure feels like a happy morning today after so much sorrow and stress and grief the last two weeks-- John Schnabel's obituary is done, and will be in today's Chilkat Valley News, the service isn't until next Saturday, April 2nd at 4pm at Harriett Hall at the Fairgrounds.

The Matter is Life

Writer J. California Copper wrote that it's not so hard to face death-- as we all have to, and so really have no choice--the challenge she said was living. So you may ask, "Where have been, what's the matter?" and to that I respond with her words-- "The matter is life!" (And to be fair, in my case, death.) I no sooner came off Aaron's tragedy than Haines most famous resident, John Schnabel, ( Grandpa John of Gold Rush TV) died and so I have been working on his obituary, and as I type am waiting for a few more phone calls to edit and tweak it some more.



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