Hospice Training

Five years ago today, I was all ready to start the Hospice of Haines  training-- where I'd learn how to change a bed with someone in it, or use a walker,  who to call when you need help in the middle of the night, and how to comfort someone without driving them crazy. (The trick is to be still. To be present.) Anyway, I was all ready, when I got hit by a truck riding my bike and was badly injured, and though not dying, (thankfully) for months I needed the kind of care Hospice volunteers provide. And they did.

If I'd Known We Were 100 I'd Have Baked A Cake

The 100th anniversary of anything is cause for much celebration.  Certainly the 100th birthday of our town is  a reason for dancing in the streets and big doings. Except we missed it. Haines was incorporated January 6, 1910. The other night at the borough assembly meeting the new manager asked the assembly what they'd like to do to mark the centennial. (Skagway had a big bash, built a park, and even commissioned a bronze statue.

A Good Omen

 I promised to tell you more about Easter, and baby Caroline's baptism, but I'm not sure how much. This is the tricky part of blogging- and writing for a living. The day and the events will make a good column, so it might have to wait to be "published", make sense? I will say that on Saturday Chip made sure the last snow was off the back deck, and got out the lawn chairs while I washed the windows and raked up the muddy places where there isn't any snow. I also raked some of the dirtier snow, just to spruce up the place. Then Eliza and Stoli and I hiked to Pyramid Island at low tide.

New Column is Up

 So, the weekly is column is up. (It's about the annual blessing of the fleet.) I already had a note from a friend in Arizona who said it sounds like I really could use a vacation-- like yesterday. I didn't think it was that bad. The good news is that today was like a vacation, we baptized Caroline at St. Michael's and has a noisy Easter dinner afterwards full of children and dogs. I may tell you more later, but, now I'm off to bed with a good book, and a better husband. 

Easter Bunny Sightings

My friend Phyllis called to say she was walking her Newfoundland puppy (Zebby is as big as a chicken coop these days) near the lumberyard and saw Sarah's white cat. " Well, I thought it was a cat, until I realized it was a bunny. Tell her to be careful or a dog might kill it." Phyllis said the bunny hopped into the white barn. Sarah doesn't have a bunny. Or at least she didn't know she did. She saw it last night when she was walking up to the Fireweed.

Watershed Good News

Went to the Borough Assembly meeting last night, and it was pretty good. Part of becoming a grandmother, I figure, is to stand up for things that make this community the kind that Caroline should be raised in. Mind you, I am a woman who thinks four hens are enough to change the world. They give us all the fresh eggs we need. In other words, we don't need to do a bunch of big things, just little ones, and we also need to support the groups already doing them.

A Chilkat Morning

I jogged around town this morning and then home from Morning Muscles. I had that Chelsea morning song in my head, it was so nice. I changed it to Chilkat morning though. On Lynn Canal there were calm seas, and a very light northerly. The roads were dry with some ice on the low places, but plenty of snow was still banked up on the sides and covering the yards. Woodsmoke drifted from a few chimneys. A little lavendar brightened the gray and white sky. The boat harbor was quiet. Main Street deserted. Dale was cleaning the library.



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