Basketball Dinner Tonight

 Morning Muscles was crowded today-- and it was already light on the way there at 5:50am, which is heartening. Although that will change with the Spring Ahead time change Sunday. I have no idea why Alaska participates in that. It is a bummer in the fall when we roll the clock back an hour and it gets so very dark in the afternoon, and it is even worse in the spring when the mornings are finally lighter. Can't we skip it this year? (I do skip it at my cabin. The clock there is always on summer time.)

News on Hiker

The Anchorage Daily has this update on the hiker stuck on the Meade Glacier-- it looks like the Coast Guard turned back again today, and the Juneau Mountain Rescue crew wasn't able to land close enough. Right now the weather looks okay over that way-- calm and clearing, but there are snow squalls in the region that sock in everything very quickly. 

Best Alaska Memoir, Ever? Maybe.

This just in from Booklist- a starred review! I'm going to have a heart attack. Or dye the gray out of my hair. Actually, I'm cleaning for a library board potluck supper tonight at my house then going for a snowshoe. Booklist gave Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs a starred review. They declare it may be the best Alaska memoir, ever.  Here's the whole thing:

News and News

 It is so interesting that on Monday the news was all over the papers-- Extreme Hiker Missing in Tongass was one headline--and that here in Haines we had no idea the hiker was in our backyard. Then, just as we are all talking about it and wondering and worrying-- the story leaves the state-wide papers and the web. At the same time, now it really is news. There is a serious rescue in the works and the weather is not co-operating. A 28 year-old Skagway man has been stuck without food on the Upper Meade Glacier going on a week.  And it has not been a good week for a sleep out.

Health Care Solution

 My husband Chip said he could solve the healthcare debate in a second. "It's easy, just cut the health insurance for congress. Let them try to buy the same level of care. Guarantee we'd have a new system the next day." We are self insured. In this, we wish Haines were in Canada.

Update on Meade Rescue

 I figure since I told you someone was  stuck in the mountains between Haines and Skagway and needing help, I better let you know what is up-- Skagway News is a good source for the complete story, as will be the Chilkat Valley News in a couple of days-- Also, the Juneau Empire should have an update this evening. But in the meantime, here's what's going on as far as I can tell: the 28 year old Skagway tour guide is apparently still up near the Meade Glacier. Rescue attempts have been made most of the day today, but the weather is very bad up in there.

Ahn Trio Wows

 They told us Haines is the best place they have ever played, and asked if they could take the full-house audience in the Chilkat Center (all 300 of us) with them on tour. They would have a lot of takers last night, what with the crazy blizzard of wet snow. The Ahn sisters also couldn't believe everyone braved the storm to come to hear them. Actually, hear and see them. I'm not sure which was more impressive, closing my eyes and listening to the music, or watching them play it. They had so much fun, and made it seem so easy. Also, they chatted with us just like they had in my living room.

First Light

 Marnie looked out the big windows of the Chilkat Center and said " let's hope the Coast Guard is on its way" as we finished Morning Muscles today at 7 am.  Only half a dozen of us were there, probably because of  the big storm yesterday and last night.  The same storm turned back rescue crews trying to pick up a stranded Skagway hiker, (or maybe, I heard at the concert last night, a kite skier) out near the Meade Glacier between Haines and Skagway. He has had no food for a few days and is cold.



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