Beautiful People

 The visiting Ahn Trio, twins Lucia and Maria, and their sister  Angella watched the Academy Awards last night at our house with the same interest we had watched the weekend high school basketball games from Sitka. (We are a little depressed that the girls lost by one point to Mt. Edgecumbe for third place. But happy they made it that far, and that at least their coach is a Haines guy-- our friend Carl Blackhurst.) The Ahn Trio had seen the movies and knew the actors and the presenters, or at least who they were.


 We watched the movie Limbo last night, the one filmed in Juneau and directed by John Sayles. I had never seen it. But I did see some folks I recognized. Like the Haines Harbormaster and a Haines Volunteer Fireman... and remember the woman who played Mother Superior in Nunsense? She had a speaking part. Most of the movie was on an island where it didn't rain as much as it should have, and it didn't really make any sense. I guess the island was supposed represent Limbo, a place between heaven and hell? It didn't work for me.

Snow and Games

 A winter storm warning with up to 15 inches of snow and high winds that poses a potential threat to life and property (to quote the weather service bulletin) is not news. But after making it halfway through mud season, and the ugliness that comes with it, it was kind of pretty to have the snow piles all clean again. On Main Street yesterday everyone was hurrying in and out of cars and stores in the snowy gales and complaining, mostly. Then one friend said "I kind of like it" sheepishly. "It's spring snow." I liked it because I spent another day happily indoors with baby Caroline.

Portage Cove Dock Project

 I have been enjoying walking my daughter's dog on the Portage Cove beach these last few weeks. (It is a challenge for her to do it with the baby and especially the recent stormy weather.) Which is why I sent a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers opposing the two million dollar parking lot and bathroom proposed for construction on the waterfront this summer. It would fill a pretty good chunk of the beach and block public access at many high tides. Plus it is ugly, and I don't think, needed. But to be fair, I asked the Corps to request the Borough to hold a public hearing.

Ahn Trio

 Mark you calendars and buy a ticket early so you won't miss it- the world renowned (really!) Ahn Trio will perform at the Chilkat Center Monday night. This is a big deal for anyplace, and especially for Haines. Tickets are on sale at the Babbling Book store. The Ahn trio are the rock stars of the classical music world, and the three women in it are  on People's most beautiful people list. Culture and style and gorgeous music, right here. It will be like taking a vacation.

Best Preacher That Ever Was

 Poet Mary Oliver called the morning sun "the best preacher there ever was."  So is a sleeping six week old baby. I thought of the poem this morning since the sun was coming up as we left Morning Muscles, and the low clouds rolling up Lynn Canal were pink and lavender. The sidewalks are clear of ice and it smells like spring. (March is coming in like a lamb.) I'm spending the day with Sarah and baby Caroline. (My son-in-law is on the way to Sitka for the regional basketball tournament.) I let myself in and all was quiet, the girls were sleeping, so I took the dog for a walk around town.

Fish Oil

Chip and I were walking the other day, and he said I shouldn't wear mittens. His  Tlingit hunting friend John says that you can stay outside in the cold longer if you learn not to need them. I have an artist friend who told me not wear glasses for the same reason. He said that my eyes would get used to them. I wear both mittens and glasses. However, I have been having some eye trouble lately, and at Morning Muscles one of the ladies jumping and crunching recommended fish oil.  She suggested seeing a pharmacist in Juneau at Ron's Apothecary.

More Wave News

 Here is a good article from the Anchorage Daily News. They say Haines will probably be fine, but that weird currents from the tsunamis can be dangerous, and it is not a good afternoon to be in a kayak or skiff, so be careful.  As for me, Chip and I walked down to the cannery and back in the sunshine, and since then I've been washing windows. ( The downstairs outside windows, standing on a wobbly chair in the snow banks) and cleaning the chicken coop - In a sweatshirt--This is February?

Tsunami News

My neighbor Betty didn't call early this morning when her weather radio tsunami warning alarm went off, since it didn't sound like we would get one,  at least not right away, and she knows I like to sleep until seven on Saturdays and then listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on KHNS (It's on now. With no local word on any tsunami advisory.) Betty and I did just chat a minute ago about the big earthquake in Chile last night,  a preliminary 8.8, which Betty said the news people said is 500 times the strength of the Haiti quake.



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