Let the Olympic Games Begin! (The Haines Olympics, That Is.)

When Greg looked at the Olympic torch that the newspaper editor, Tom, had made for him to carry while he ran around the skating rink at the fairgrounds, he frowned. It was an alder branch spray painted gold, with a coffee can on the end (also painted gold) that was cut like a crown in a fancy way, but did not fit very snugly against the stick-- and the top was all wrapped in rag. There was  a jar of kerosene that Greg was supposed to dip the rag end in and then light. Greg feared, as we all did, it may run down the stick and catch him on fire.

The Third Haines Winter Olympiad

Haines has more snow than Whistler, that's what organizers of the Third Haines Winter Olympiad say, and from the view out my back door, it seems correct. The games begin today at 11 (and end before the boys home basketball game tonight)  with the lighting of the Olympic Torch at the Fairgrounds. Greg Schlachter is running the torch in and Scott Rossman is lighting it. There will be figure skating, sort of. One of the skaters is Sonya Farting. You don't want to miss her. There's turkey bowling (with frozen turkeys) and 3 on 3 hockey.

A Big Day

Well, it has been a big day around here. The advanced reader copies (or ARCs) of my new book, Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs  are out and I'm hearing good things from booksellers across the country. (ARCs are the paperbacks printed just for stores and reviewers that still may have a few mistakes or typos in them.) The real book will be released in hardcover on May 18, which seems a long way from my now snow covered garden. But this does mean the hoopla about the new book has begun, and I have posted the cover, catalog copy and such, with help from my neighbor James.

The Way the World (& the Town) Goes 'Round.

Before going to bed the other night I was reading an article in The Week on the global economy. This prompted me to check the labels on my (I thought) very American clothes. My shirt (Woolrich) was made in China, and so were my Levi's and Smart Wool socks. My underwear (Jockey) was made in the Dominican Republic. Then I checked the bathroom counter,  and the labels on the skin creams and such.


When the Chilkat Valley Jeopardy announcer said, "This local businesswoman once danced in a gilded cage at the Totem Bar" not everyone knew  where that was, much less who he meant, until she, who was one of the contestants up on the stage at the Chilkat Center said, "Who is Annette Gregg?" and blushed, then smiled. 

Welcome to my Dream

 Remember that song? "Welcome to my Dream?" I know you've heard it, and I did last night. Bing Crosby sang it on his way to Dawson City from Skagway with his pal Bob Hope in a 1946 movie called "Road to Utopia". Yup, even back then this north country was Utopia.

Another Reason to Shop Locally

When you shop on-line no one sings "yes, we have no bananas".In the grocery store yesterday, as  everyone was busy unloading fresh freight from the Seattle barge-- apples and salad fixings, milk and cheese-- I checked my list and looked hard for the bananas.  Suzie said they didn't have any. (Either they weren't unpacked yet, or they didn't ship any this week.) I was checking out when Deb made another slow pass by the produce section and asked Suzie the same question. That's when, all at once, all three of us sang "yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today."

What is Snoose?

 Apparently some readers are not familiar with Henry's snoose, (or  sometimes spelled snus.) It is a powdered dipping tobacco that you place between your lip and gum. Snus (or snoose) is a wet form of snuff and is from Sweden or Norway, I think. It is not as messy as chewing tobacco, supposedly you don't have to spit out as much juice, but Henry has cans for it around his place, so don't quote me on that.

Sore Knees, Happy Heart

 My knees are sore thanks to the nice weather ( well, relatively nice: sunshine, and  mild temperatures in the mid to high 20s, although it is kind of windy, especially on the Skagway side of town)  and the extra hour of daylight we've gained this month. I have been up to Lily Lake and back on the trail from the water plant ( and I'm not the only one, there are lots of us, including the elementary school kids last week.) The Mt.



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