Snow in the Forecast

There's a winter storming today, for weather that poses an "imminent threat to life and property" according to the weather service. Which is a bit melodramatic, to say the least. Eight inches of snow is not a hazard, it is a blessing. Yesterday I went for a walk with Annie and Paul up behind their house and the Salvation Army. The ground was frozen and mostly bare. We wore crampons and carried snowshoe poles. It was cold, about 14 degrees, but we quickly warmed up climbing the very steep wooded and rocky slope.  The ground under the trees was hard and mostly bare with a frosting of white.

Waffles and Woo-Woo Fun

JJ made us waffles this morning, and they were so good I thought I'd share her recipe. Plus, it is crazy around here. My daughter Sarah and her husband Brian are in Juneau waiting for the baby. They took the ferry down yesterday. (There's no hospital in Haines.) Brian says if she's born on Christmas Day her middle name will be Holiday. I think he's joking. (He also says if she's born on New Year's it will be Champagne.) Her due date is January 5. My son woke us all up playing the guitar again.

Trim the Hearth and Watch the Birds

 It's the last Sunday in Advent, so we lit the fourth candle on the Advent wreath, and sang the first verse plus verses 5 thru 8 in "O Come Emanuel." We also sang one of my favorite's, "People, Look East" which includes the line "make your house fair as you are able, trim the hearth and set the table" which I have sort of done already this evening, as we're having a family dinner with moose steaks and mashed potatoes, a salad, peas, and sliced mozzarella and tomatoes.

Shop Locally

 The new Dispatch column is up, and it is about the changing of the guard in the snow dragon. And, today is the last chance bazaar at the ANB Hall, borough clerk Julie Cozzi will be singing, and if you haven't heard her, you really should. She's a jazzy night club kind of singer. Also, there all kinds of holiday specials around town, and just about all the stores are open for Christmas shopping.

Friends Gather Near

 We missed the party at the Klondike last night because an old friend arrived from Anchorage, over the rivers and passes and through the snow. He was kind of groggy from the 900 mile drive, especially the last 150 miles in a white-out following the snowplow's tail-lights through the Chilkat Pass. The Haines road was closed, but a Yukon maintenance guy said he could follow him at his own risk, so he did. The least I could do was give him a cold beer and cook him a warm meal.

The Baby Shower

 I sort of promised to write about Sarah's baby shower in my Dispatch column this week, but I was a little frantic, the way I am on a deadline (today at 4:00pm) and I couldn't find my notes. So I didn't. Also, I had a library board meeting this morning and went to Morning Muscles, and time was running out. I had jotted down all kinds of sweet and funny things on the Baby Shower Bingo card. But I lost it. I guess that pink corsage with "Grandma" on it suits me better than I had thought.

A Little Night Music

 Tonight the Haines  A'Capella Women's Choir (HAWC with a hard C) will be rehearsing at the new Haines Assisted Living home (HAL)  from 6:00-7:00. (Click the link for the Dec.16 KHNS feature to hear more.) This would be a nice time to enjoy a sort of impromptu concert, to meet us, and to visit with HAL residents and staff. We may not be HAWC for long. Our director Nancy Nash thinks we are ready for a proper name.

All is Loud and Dark

It is still dark,  and I am listening to the sounds of my house waking up. The radio is on in the kitchen and in the upstairs bathroom. My son is playing his guitar and singing "A Boy Named Sue". My husband has come up from the cellar and says to three of his grown children, "do you have anything you want in the basement? If so, check in my truck, because I just threw everything out." Then he goes back down and does some more pull-ups.  



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