What is Snoose?

 Apparently some readers are not familiar with Henry's snoose, (or  sometimes spelled snus.) It is a powdered dipping tobacco that you place between your lip and gum. Snus (or snoose) is a wet form of snuff and is from Sweden or Norway, I think. It is not as messy as chewing tobacco, supposedly you don't have to spit out as much juice, but Henry has cans for it around his place, so don't quote me on that.

Sore Knees, Happy Heart

 My knees are sore thanks to the nice weather ( well, relatively nice: sunshine, and  mild temperatures in the mid to high 20s, although it is kind of windy, especially on the Skagway side of town)  and the extra hour of daylight we've gained this month. I have been up to Lily Lake and back on the trail from the water plant ( and I'm not the only one, there are lots of us, including the elementary school kids last week.) The Mt.

Something Funny

 Here is an email I received about the baby from my sister Kathleen in N.Y.:

Hi  Granny,

Can you e-mail me Sarah's mailing address and  phone#

Do  you think she'd prefer clothing or silver for Caroline??

xo k 

and my response?


Something Funnier

So Kathleen emails me back and says "Empress Caroline? In this economy I should be able to find a tiara lying around."

Actually, Caroline looks just fine without any bling. She doesn't need silver or diamonds or for that matter any clothes. Sarah has been given so many nearly new hand-me-downs from other moms in Haines, that she gave away some before Caroline was even born. Also, she still hasn't worn the same hat twice. She has, at last count, 19, and is just 8 days old.


Celebrating Ellen and Reba

We are having a party to celebrate Ellen (30 years) and Reba's (20 years) combined 50 years of service to the library today from 4-6. Please join me ( and lots of other folks) for refreshments and gratitude for their presence in our lives (and our children's and their children in many cases...) Click in the shaded words to read the great article in the Chilkat Valley News about them, and to learn more about the library.

Child-to-Child Haitian Relief

 Jacob Weerasinghe, 5,  raised over 250 dollars Saturday for Haitian earthquake victims at Lutak Lumber  selling hot cocoa. "His Uncle Roger bought two cups for forty dollars and someone else gave a hundred dollars" dad Nishan said. He told me that he didn't think Jacob paid much attention when the TV news was on, but apparently he does. "He saw the bodies," Nishan said, " especially all the children, and he wanted to help." Nishan figured his little boy could set up the winter version of a lemonade stand at the lumber yard. Nishan's family has helped with other relief efforts.

Crunches and Lunges

Light snow covered the car this morning as Eliza left for Morning Muscles class at 5:45. The snow banks in the driveway are like walls, taller than the car roof, and the road was white. The lights of the airport twinkled up the river. We didn't see another vehicle until we pulled into the Chilkat Center, then the familiar all wheel drive rigs pulled into the half-cleared spaces near the back door or tucked in next to a high snow berm. Inside, everyone asked about the baby, some had seen the pictures.

A Lovely Cruise?

 As I watched a TV news clip of the Navy hospital ship Comfort cruising to Haiti to help with the relief effort, my first thought was that the cruise lines (that also frequent Alaska in the summer) should send a ship (or three) to help house the injured and provide food and water and support for the relief crews as well.



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