The Path of Totality

My friend was answering his phone "path of totality" this week, and it made me laugh-- as the lingo of the eclipse, like so many things, has other meanings in the wider world. Totality: wholeness, fullness, completeness, sum total, all, everything, the whole ball of wax.

Monday's Thought

I never managed to get to Sunday's Thought yesterday, for all kinds of good reasons. Then this morning, my friend who has brain cancer and yet remains so cheerful and productive and generous with her time and talent, sent me these words from Gandhi. (She also brought me flowers last week-- shouldn't I be bringing them to her? Plus, she grew them and arranged them in the most beautiful bouquet, which was most welcome on these gray rainy days.)

Anyway, here is what she wants us to ponder:

Anchorage Trip & More

I will be in Anchorage on Thursday, September 7 from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm ( I note the hour because I have been up from 5-7 am a lot these days..) at the UAA Campus Bookstore, reading from my books and discussing "The Local and Community in Small Town Alaska Politics." (Once again, inadvertently, I have a new area of expertise.) Please join us. I'd love to see you.  (All UAA Campus Bookstore events are free and open to the public.   There is free parking for this event in the South Lot, Sports Complex NW Lot, West Campus Central Lot, and Sports Campus West Lot.)


It was a late night waiting for the election results. The voting machines jammed, and the clerk wanted to be extra sure all the ballots were accounted for. The No Recall side won, 600 and some votes to 400 and change for all three of us.  

Taking Care

The CVN/ KHNS radio forum went well. You can listen to it here and decide for yourself if we are guilty as charged. The recall supporters declined to answer questions or speak in favor of it. Don Turner did sit in the audience, but refused to comment. I hope the picture on the front page of the paper of their three empty seats is worth 400 votes. The election is Tuesday, but you may vote early today at the borough office until 5 o'clock.

No News is Good News

I have been out of town is all--Way out of town. About as far as you can go-- to the Aleutian chain, Unalaska and the Port of Dutch Harbor, helping my daughter move in for her new job at the school there. There is very limited email and cell service, which, to be honest, is kind of nice.  (It's 2,000 miles west & south of Juneau and still in Alaska.)

Some News

I was in Juneau for a wedding (more on that later) when Variety announced that my books are being turned into a semi-fictional TV drama series-- Here's the official scoop. 

I really am excited (and a little nervous) to be part of all of this. I have a whole lot of confidence in the FremantleMedia team and my representatives to do right by my work, family, and community-- since it's all wrapped up together.



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