100 for 60? Check!

Chip rode 100 miles for his 60th birthday on Saturday. (As he said, 'What I'd really like for my birthday is for us to ride a 100 miles') I think I told you that already. Also, he won't be 60 until next week, but he didn't want to miss his opportunity, weather wise or time wise, since moose season opens on the 15th.  

Here's the funny part: He had measured the route exactly, so we started at the school parking lot, rode down toward the lumberyard, turned onto Front Street, pedaled out to Chilkoot but skipped the lake road because of the bears, and turned around at the end of the Lutak neighborhood, rode back the same way, then out the highway to the border, and back to the school. On the last stretch, at about Turner Construction, Chip said he was at 100 miles on his bike computer. Mine read  98 and change. He said it was because mine wasn't calibrated correctly, because I don't pay attention to details like that. (It's true, I don't.) Then I said, 'How do you know for sure mine is off and not yours?' He assured me he was right... but just in case we rode down past the post office and back to make sure mine hit 100, too.

In other news, tonight the Dolphins swim team have a potluck and informational meeting at 5:00 in the school cafeteria for all current and future swimmers and their families. It is a great program. Training begins at 3:30 in the pool tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow night there is an assembly candidate forum at 7:00 at the Mosquito Lake School (now community center). I won't be pedaling out there in the dark, but I will be there with the other candidates so please come with questions and concerns for all  six of us. (The top two vote earners will win the two open seats.) The election is Oct. 4, so if you won't be in town, be sure to vote early. Stop the borough office or call them for the details. 

There is a junk car removal informational meeting Thursday at 5:30 in the assembly chambers, and a planning commission meeting there at 6:30. One item is a discussion of the Harbor Expansion land use permit, and it says on my agenda, we will hold a public hearing on it.  The moose hunt meeting with all the details about our challenging antler restrictions is also Thursday over at the Bald Eagle Foundation at 7:00. This weekend there's the final (& fabulous) Farmer's Market harvest party and potluck, 10-1 Saturday at the fairgrounds, and "Skits-O-Frenia," at 7:30 Saturday night in the Chilkat Center featuring comedy skits based on Haines history. Now that should be way fun.


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