Well, all I can add to the horror of yesterday’s news, is that this is not going to be the dry January I had planned.

I couldn’t watch CNN without a gin and tonic.

I had also planned to take the tree down on Epiphany, but I couldn’t bear to lose Christmas, my country and my mind all at the same time so it’s still up. It’s a real tree, and the needle to branch ratio will force my decision sooner rather than later. Also, I have decided to have another New Year’s celebration on January 20th with black-eyed peas, champagne, the whole bit. A do-over.

Of course the first week in 2021 started out so well with perfect January weather and piles of fresh (and plowed)  snow,

A radio show with my granddaughter ( we are on KHNS Tuesdays from 1-3 now to fit her school schedule),

and my latest book is in the window of The Bookstore on Main Street with some very good company.

It isn’t totally dark at 3:30 and we are gaining minutes of daylight each day!

I know the mountains are still here, even though I can’t always see them,

and I know too, that there is something else beyond the mountains that even on a clear day I can’t see, or take a picture of, and that something has to do with love, and truth, and the way we live together. I am certain that the EMTs for the soul are hiding in plain sight. I have seen them when I least expected to.

As the late Brian Doyle wrote: “Angels and bodhisattvas are everywhere available for consultation if only we can see them clear; they are unadorned, and joyous, and patient and radiant, and luminous and not disguised or hidden or filtered in any way whatsoever.”