On Tuesday July 28th at 4-5pm AKDT the Skaguay News Depot and Books store will host an hour long Zoom event featuring Eva Holland from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and her fearless book about facing her fears, Nerve, with me and Of Ballots and Bears, and a rare special guest appearance from my beloved Algonquin editor Amy Gash who usually stays behind the scenes. Because Amy is in New York, and you may be back East or in the Midwest, it’s earlier than most events. I wanted to be sure you knew about it. Sign up here in advance, it’s easier than the last minute.

And, on Wednesday at 7-8 pm PST Village Books in Bellingham will host a conversation with myself and glaciologist and memoirist Dr. M Jackson, who wrote While Glaciers Slept a beautiful book about love, loss and climate change (which really does fit together perfectly, when you think about it, and she does think about it all and much more– and writes like a dream, too.) This event is through a different service than Zoom and will also be live on Facebook.  Register here in advance, as it takes a few steps.


What’s so interesting to me is how random the scheduling was, and yet how well these books and we writers fit together.  I am reading the other two simultaneously and love them.  Both are so layered with personal grief (the death of the authors’ parents) and good humor, and loaded with science and data and stuff I like to know about. In lots of ways Of Bears and Ballots is a soul sister to them, as it too is about grief, love and loss, mixed in with plenty of humor, and a lot of practical governing information.  I feel like I am friends with these wise and learned women (and I hope I really am after we chat this week). Another thing that we all have in common that is somewhat unusual (even Amy) is that they are all familiar with Haines and its environs. Oh, and two more coincidences- or not? M lived and worked in Skagway and her book  is published by Green Writers Press in Vermont and Dede Cummings, whom I went to Middlebury College with way back in the day.

I take this all as a very good sign. I think an hour won’t be long enough, especially since we will take your questions live.