I spent an hour and half on a wonderful blog-- full of love and gratitude for the library  board and staff and Friends who made me feel like a lemon queen at the launch-- and for all of you who came and had me sign so many books- and for this town and the terrific people in it-- and then everything seized up and vanished. I am such a Luddite. Ugh.

I also wanted to share some news: 

And I also wrote something  brilliant about my bike ride this morning, and my grandchildren yesterday, and trust me, you would have loved it, but as I said, it is gone. 

Now, I have to get to the radio station for my country show, and then pack for Palmer, Portland, Ketchikan, and Sitka ( I leave tomorrow afternoon on the ferry for the first part of the tour!) And fill some boxes for the Hospice rummage sale (drop off is tomorrow morning beginning at 9am at Harriett Hall.) Well, anyway, I apologize. I will send a really nice, proper note soon.

(Besides, you should be outside, not looking at a screen anyway-- it's a beautiful day!)



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