Ahn Trio

 Mark you calendars and buy a ticket early so you won't miss it- the world renowned (really!) Ahn Trio will perform at the Chilkat Center Monday night. This is a big deal for anyplace, and especially for Haines. Tickets are on sale at the Babbling Book store. The Ahn trio are the rock stars of the classical music world, and the three women in it are  on People's most beautiful people list. Culture and style and gorgeous music, right here. It will be like taking a vacation.
Also, the Haines Women's A'Capella Choir will sing at H.A.L.'s monthly ice cream social Sunday at 2:30, so don't miss that other fine performance. (It is free, you don't even need a ticket and there's food.)
The basketball teams are at the regional tournament in Sitka, and the girls first game should be Weds. afternoon, so listen for that on KHNS. The boys are seeded first, so won't play until Thursday.
Finally, please contribute to donation jars in local stores to help buy supplies for  little Gary Hinkle (named for his uncle). Gary was born in the Haines clinic prematurely and was a surprise even to his mother, Kristy. The family has been keeping everyone up to date on facebook. Baby Gary (under 3lbs.) and mom are in Anchorage and doing well.


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