Ahn Trio Wows

 They told us Haines is the best place they have ever played, and asked if they could take the full-house audience in the Chilkat Center (all 300 of us) with them on tour. They would have a lot of takers last night, what with the crazy blizzard of wet snow. The Ahn sisters also couldn't believe everyone braved the storm to come to hear them. Actually, hear and see them. I'm not sure which was more impressive, closing my eyes and listening to the music, or watching them play it. They had so much fun, and made it seem so easy. Also, they chatted with us just like they had in my living room. After the show they signed autographs and CDs. There was a long line. Then the three women, who are very stylish and hip, posed for photos with some cool young guys in bow ties.  I met one of them earlier. Before the show started, last minute arrivals searched for seats. There was an empty one in the middle of the row next to me. A blond young man wearing a suit and dress shirt with matching bow tie made his way to it. It is not something you see every day in Haines. (Okay, never.) Halfway through the show I asked where he was from. "Sydney" he said in an Australian accent. He is a heli-skier, and has been here for two weeks making a film. The weather was only good enough for two days of skiing and pictures, a while back. He said he had to leave in a few days and was not hopeful he'd get in any more runs.  But he was smiling anyway. Everyone was, thanks to the beautiful, funny, and happy musicians entertaining us. He said he had no idea he'd see a show like this in Haines, Alaska of all places. The Ahn sisters said Haines is the most beautiful place they have ever been, and they loved not just the scenery, but the whole scene. I am so glad we have the Chilkat Center. If we didn't, they would not have come, and we would not have such a fine night of music. It was the best concert I've ever been to. I never once got sleepy, and judging by the standing ovations (2) no one else did either.


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