All Quiet in the Nursery


It's raining, and the house smells like cinnamon (my daughter Eliza is baking granola) and the Christmas lights on the stair railing are twinkling and we are waiting for a baby.

Tonight I will be at Hearthside Books here in Juneau downtown from 5-7 for the First Friday Gallery Walk and Haines artist friends John and Sharon Svenson will be nearly next door at Annie Kaill's. Tomorrow evening our choir director Nancy Nash will be part of a Bach holiday concert, she's playing the oboe and harpsichord at the Northern Lights church downtown. The Haines Dolphins swim team kids and their families are also here for meet today and tomorrow out at the new Diamond Aquatic Center.

Southeast Alaska, especially in winter during these darkest days of the year really feels like a magical place set apart from everywhere, a little, friendly, northern seacoast country way out here on our own.  It's comforting, isn't it?

James is about to roll out Play-Doh on the couch so I better get back to grandma duty. 





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