I want to invite you to two virtual events this week that you may be interested in. You can sign up for both easily, just click the links. The first is Wednesday with the U Bookstore in Seattle where I will be in conversation with KUOW’s award winning reporter and executive producer of community engagement, Ross Reynolds. I’m looking forward to that, as so much is going on in Seattle right now. Also, signed books are available through the U Bookstore (thanks to the US Postal service and the magic of sticky book plates).

The second is Friday through the fabulous Homer bookstore. There I will be in conversation with poet and writer Erin Coughlin Hollowell, which should be interesting and fun. Homer has issues similiar to Haines, they survived a recall there too– and Erin is a writer, so the discussion should be lively and wide ranging from politics and civilty to how we write and why. As always, thank you so much for reading what I write, and sharing my books with friends and family. The nuttiest thing about all this is that it takes me forever– years actually– to write a book that some are reading in a day. I need to get faster at it.I guess I could learn to type with more than two fingers. And while it is nice to “see” you at events, the book speaks for itself, better than I do about it, actually.