Back Home and At Work- Sadly

I have been in Homer a long weekend, hosted and feted by the Friends of the Library there. I was a special star because the Haines library, which I am on the board of, inspired the Homer community to build their new library, so they made me feel very welcome. This is also National Library Week, and today at our library at 4:15 the Haines Friends of the Library hold their annual meeting and appreciation tea and cookies-- so please stop by- and join the Friends or renew your membership.

Also, the library may already have this new book, but if not, will soon-- and I bet the bookstore will too-  I think it will be pretty popular among we Alaskans, for sure.

It's edited by Homer writer Nancy Lord ( we had waffles Sunday morning at her home overlooking the bay) and includes a bunch of essays and stories from Alaska writers about why we love salmon-- and why all things salmon are closely linked to what we all love about Alaska. I am reading my essay from "Made of Salmon" at Sunday night's Northern Light showcase in Haines, and I really like it. ( If I do say so myself). It's the final one in the book so it's easy to find.

But today I'm working on another obituary. Sadly, Erma Schnabel died while I was away, on Friday evening in Oakland. It was so close to John's passing that it kind of takes your breath away.

I cleaned my desk last week, and found this old Christmas card, but I couldn't toss it with the others. It was still on my desk this morning when I came to work. Do you think someone was trying to tell me something? For starters, I think I'll stop in and see Chip at the store while I'm gathering information on Erma.



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