Best Preacher That Ever Was

 Poet Mary Oliver called the morning sun "the best preacher there ever was."  So is a sleeping six week old baby. I thought of the poem this morning since the sun was coming up as we left Morning Muscles, and the low clouds rolling up Lynn Canal were pink and lavender. The sidewalks are clear of ice and it smells like spring. (March is coming in like a lamb.) I'm spending the day with Sarah and baby Caroline. (My son-in-law is on the way to Sitka for the regional basketball tournament.) I let myself in and all was quiet, the girls were sleeping, so I took the dog for a walk around town. As I cut up Main Street and back down Second Avenue toward the post office, I thought about Ron Scollon. I used to see him walking that way a lot. He said the constant barrage of information we receive is not necessary and often not helpful. (Guess he wouldn't be a fan of Twitter.) He said he preferred a little distance from an event to reading about it in the news. The tsunami  warning, and the recent earthquakes in Haiti and  Chile came to mind. The other thing I was thinking is-- what do we do when faced with so much woe? So much loss and sorrow? It is impossible to even comprehend the grief in those stricken communities. The dead children and grandparents. Sure we can send a check, and we all should. But is there a more local response? That got me thinking about this town, and how, when disaster strikes-- usually as an untimely death-- we all rally around and support each other. What about if we did that when there wasn't a crisis? What about if for the rest of the winter- (which doesn't appear too long so it shouldn't be that hard)  we treated each other better? It is Lent, and one of the lessons of the season is to challenge yourself to do good without calling attention to it. "Don't let your right hand know what your left is doing". Maybe we should all try that until the daffodils are up. One random act of kindness a day, that no one knows about except you. If you want to make it harder, as Marnie says about our Morning Muscles crunches, use a heavier weight-- do your good deed for someone you don't like very much.  I know this is kind of preachy, but blame the morning sun.


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