Best Thing I've Overheard This Year

He noticed this woman at the salad bar and she was standing perfectly still and her face was blue and so he Heimliched her and it didn't work so he shook her upside down and out popped a green olive. The manager said their lunch was on him.

I heard that this morning while I was in the shower at the pool as the second shift-- the aqua exercisers-- arrived around the corner in the locker room, and while I can't be certain of all the details (that's the way it is with snippets heard in sort of passing) I did confirm as I toweled off that indeed a life had been saved at a salad bar in Juneau's Safeway by Carol's son Steve.  

I believe it was yesterday, which makes it an even better story, as what a good way to start off the new year -- and for me and now you, by overhearing this great news. Remember, I still had water in my ears so the part about shaking her upside down may not be quite true, perhaps he tipped her over and patted her on the back? But I did ask Carol if I had heard correctly and sure enough the gist of it happened this way--  but she was in a hurry to get to the pool and didn't have time for the details.

It makes me smile-- thinking about that olive- and then lunch. Lunch! 

But there's more.

It could have not gone so well.

Then, I probably wouldn't tell you what I overheard. There's such a fine line between life and death it takes your breath away sometimes.

So much depended on Steve-- and the kind of courage that you can't prepare for -- but must trust in, and then find when you- or someone you love - or a complete stranger- needs it. 



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