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A Pyramid Island Postcard

There are two times a year when the tides are low enough and the Chilkat River is dry enough to walk to Pyramid Island on the tide flats, Spring and Fall, and the Spring walk usually falls around Easter, so while we were all watching the kids find Easter Eggs Sunday, my friends Teresa, Jane, Fran and I decided to walk to the island the next morning, on the low tide.  I suggested hip boots, Jane thought waders would be good. Teresa hoped to wear her pink plaid rubber boots, but used hip boots instead.

Sunday's Thought: Happy Easter!

"Love one another." - Jesus Christ

Oh my gosh, I lost the stuff for the Easter baskets. I put it up high somewhere so the puppy wouldn't eat the chocolate, and now I have no idea where it is. Oh well. The babies are too young to really know what the Easter bunny is, and the big kids aren't kids anymore. Luckily, the real  message of Easter is a lot easier to remember  than where the heck I stashed the baskets. "Love one another as I have loved you." It's funny how that is so much easier for children and dogs to do than for we adults. 

Is Sun News?

You bet it is. This morning my Tlingit big game hunting guide friend called and asked, as usual, what the weather was doing at my house, and I told him the daffodils were blooming. I say that everyday, even when it is snowing sideways, but if it weren't for the few feet of snow on top of them it could be true today. The good news is that the snow is melting fast thanks to all the sunshine and warm weather-- the terns and gulls and ducks are back, Little Dave caught a 27 inch cutthroat ice fishing at Chilkat Lake, and JJ saw three moose on her morning run, so be cautious of cows and calves.

A Few Thoughts on Holy Week

Today begins a kind of marathon church session for some of us, with Maundy Thursday services tonight, Good Friday tomorrow evening, the Easter Vigil Saturday night at 10, and then Sunday morning Easter services. All offer moments for reflection, prayers, grief and ultimately joy. It is a kind of  a roller coaster. Sort of like life, only  really compressed. I do love Holy Week because it is so dramatic, old fashioned, and historic. Kind of like Christianity 101.

Finding the Good

It's a little slow around here this morning, since the guy who usually wakes us all up slept in. Chip had to go to the ferry last night about midnight to help other Arts Council members pick up the Thodos dance troupe from Chicago. Actually, they came from Skagway and were supposed to be here for a potluck supper (the salmon we cooked on the grill is still in the foil) but apparently the bow thrusters on the ferry broke and they took a while to repair.

Lots Going On. Mark Your Calendars.

 I have a to-do list a mile long before I babysit Caroline after lunch-- and you should make your list of stuff happening in Haines too, if you are here,  so you don't miss anything--and if you are not, know that we are all crawling out of hibernation. Do you think it is possible that the cherry trees will flower with their trunks still deep in the snow? Maybe? That's another story. Anyway, tonight it is Bowl For Kid's Sake, a big Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser from 4-6 in the elementary gym.

The Mess of Children, A Poem for Thursday.

Here is the thing:

There is nothing like the mess of small  children. 

Hurricanes have nothing on them.

The boots  askew on the floor.

The little coats and hats and suits draped on tables and chairs. 

The many, many things they need to survive at grandma's all akimbo in the living room. 

The carrier

The diaper bag

The extra clothes

Pinky the doll

A bottle

(A handful of very small crackers to drop in the cracks in the couch. Must be where they got that name.)




Looking for a Few Good Questions

 I have been a little stuck lately on my new book. (Okay, I've threatened to give the advance back and apply for a job at the pre-school.) No, this in not writer's block. I don't believe in that. It has more to do with the topic-- life lessons, or some stuff I know that you might find helpful. This is only a problem  if you are  pretty sure that you don't know anything anyone else would find enlightening, inspiring, or even a little funny. (I know, excuses excuses.

Jupiter Aligns with Mud Bay Road

Last night we looked at the moons of Jupiter. We could see them up over the white mountains, in the deep blue sky, lined up at an angle, just like the pictures of the planets we looked at in school and that mobile of the solar system that spun in the sun and dust motes near the ceiling of the fifth grade classroom. Well, not exactly. We didn't see the large striped pastel planet, or the smaller white moons hanging from fishing line. My husband and I saw a bright star with four tiny stars in row, like a dotted line , bisecting it.  We saw our moon and Venus too, nearby.



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