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Love that Snow

My friend has a daycare, and the big first snow has thrilled all her little charges.But that means snow suits, boots, mittens, hats-- for about a dozen toddlers. By the time she gets the last one dressed and out the door the first one is ready to come in.  She says it's wearing her out,  " Finally,  I told them all, if you have to pee just go in your pants." It's easier to do laundry than start all over. She was kidding. Of course. Don't you think?  Grown-ups like to play in the snow, too.

Gold Rush Alaska Recap

A live blog- sort of.

I watched & blogged "live style" Friday's episode of the Discovery Channel's “reality” show about the gold mining Hoffman family from Oregon which is filmed at Porcupine Creek, which is in Haines, and this season stars locals Parker Schnabel (17) and his grandfather John (92). Full disclosure: I am not unbiased. John sold us our lumberyard, and Parker’s parents are my daughter JJ’s Godparents. Anyway, I figured I’d write about the show like they do on real blogs—so here’s my stab at it.


Heaven in an Old Dog's Eyes

I have had requests for the column I wrote last year about my flat coated retriever Forte for Woman's Day, so here it is. Since then, Merry died too-- (you can find her obituary, just search the blog) so we are down to one old terrier, Phoebe is even grumpier now. Also, to make matters worse, my father, Papa Bob, put down one of my mother's two old Labs the same day.

Sunday's Thought

"Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for all that you have done for us. We thank thee for the splendor of the whole creation, for the beauty of this world, for the wonder of life, and for the mystery of love." The Book of Common Prayer






Happy Trails to Forte

Even the vet cried, which did not make it any easier. The driving rain and snow didn't help either, nor did the fact that Forte perked up as soon as we all gathered around him on the porch to put him down. But then he fell asleep so quickly, so quietly, he was just exhausted. His big heart stopped before the injection was complete. He had tried too hard for too long to put on a good front for us. The bone cancer crippled him up terribly.

The Humane Thing to Do

I was waffling. I wanted the consultation and an exam. Afterward, I asked for a night to think about it. My patient husband sighed. He said we had to do what's best for the dog. The vet's assistant, her eyes red, said, "I know it shouldn't be a consideration, but you'll have to think about burying him before the ground is too frozen." We knew that. The visiting vet, who is leaving Friday morning and won't back until mid-December said that we could do "this" anytime and it would be the right decision. The cancer in my poor dog's shoulder is big, hot and uncomfortable. So is he.

Darkness Falls

It is so dark these days, ever since we fell back an hour, and then it snowed and rained and iced all up, that I feel like my head is in a bucket. I am grateful that I don't have vertigo, which seems to be going around among my friends and relatives. As a preventative, last night I climbed into bed at 8. Reading. But still. Morning Muscles arrived early, and then we had the Big Brothers Big Sisters lunch at noon, and I am on a deadline for the February Woman's Day column, which is all a lame excuse for not keeping in better touch.

Sunday's Thought

"God has placed in each an apostle to lead us upon the illumined path. Yet many seek life from without, unaware that it is within them."- Kahlil Gibran




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