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A Week at the Cabin

When I suggested a fall vacation would be nice, my husband filled up the water jugs and said he'd do the grocery shopping if I made the list. We don't need a ticket out of town. Just a week at the cabin, with no electricity except what I can pedal into the battery that powers the radio and my laptop, no cell service, no Internet, no nothing but as Robert Frost wrote, the "easy sweep" of the wind through the trees. Although it actually wasn't that easy.

Something Funny

 A very wet fisherman commenting on the driving rain as he stepped into Mountain Market for coffee: "I'd be drier if I was at home standing in the shower."




A Lot Going On

First, Genny did beat Harry in the swim, but only by about eight feet. He convinced her to shorten the distance to 50 meters, and to do the back stroke. The gallery was full for the less than two minute event, but we all agreed it was worth getting out in the rain to see. In other news, there's a lot going on--


11am story time for tots at the library

11 am ribbon cutting at Chilkoot Estates Subdivision next to the fairgrounds, tours of the new homes and wood heating systems, too.

Trick or Treat 5K run/walk  5:30 at the fairgrounds

Halloween Woman's Day Column

I wish I could write a country song, and since I haven't been able to do that, I thought I'd try a poem inspired one-- (Morning Miracles on the previous blog entry.) Hope it is not too self indulgent to publish your own works in progress, but there you have it. Here is a more polished piece, my Halloween Woman's Day column. In the meantime, I need to get to work on the Valentine's Day one.

Sunday's Thought

"Place conspires with the artist. We are surrounded by our own story, we live and move in it. It is through place that we put out roots."- Eudora Welty


Jump and Sing

Krista Kielsmeier, the intrepid cub reporter from Iowa at the Chilkat Valley News, is trying to get a women's basketball league going, and is hoping to see all players at the school gym tonight from 7-8:30 when the regular open gym begins. She tried to recruit me, because I'm tall, but that's about all I have in common with basketball players, so instead I promised her I'd remind you. It has been a busy week at the paper for me, with three obituaries.

Small World

This  morning I asked my husband what was going on in town and he said, "nothing, everybody's getting out of here." Well, we're still here. But at the library board meeting yesterday we didn't have a quorum as board members are on trips  or the start of annual winter vacations. But here's something heartening- thanks to Skype we can all still meet as soon as the travelers have landed somewhere with Internet. It's amazing how small the world is becoming.



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