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If I Only Had a Brain

I'm so glad tonight is the first women's choir practice of the season (6-7 at the museum, all singers or would be singers are welcome). These fall days have made me feel like singing. This morning it's been a bit of the blues, as I wait to hear back from all kinds of important editors about projects that are dear to me, and of course I'm sure that everything I've written for them just stinks. But as is my habit ( and that lovely singing nun's from The Sound of Music) if I remember my favorite things I don't feel so bad.

The Recall Failed! Cheers! (Morning Update)

The recall failed! We do not live in Pottersville!

Debra Schnabel won, Norm Smith won, Jerry Lapp won, and Stephanie Scott is ahead of Jan Hill in the mayoral race by 30 votes, and the 40 question , fax, and mailed in absentee ballots still to be counted will decide that one. They will be counted on October 11. Here are the results from the Haines Borough Clerk's office.

VOTE Today, and Remind Four Friends to.

All across Alaska today residents of municipalities large and small are voting. We are electing the officials who will represent us and lead us. Here is what the author of Charlotte's Web, and one of the wisest essayist who ever lived, has to say about why we vote. I think we should make school children  memorize it. While working at The New Yorker, E.B. White was asked by the Writer’s War Board, it was 1943, to write a sentiment to bolster the national effort. Here is what he wrote:

Sunday's Thought

I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of, let's say, 100,000 miles, their outlook could be fundamentally changed. That all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument suddenly silenced.--Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut

Good Tidings

When the sun came out yesterday afternoon and I had a few hours between obligations, I figured it was a sign to head to the golf course and hit a few balls, and maybe even try to play a little. (I haven't actually played more than one hole yet. I'm still learning how to hit and putt.)  I hadn't figured on the 20 foot tide.

Lovely Rita Mamba Muscles Maid

If you weren't up at six this morning you really missed quite a show. We fairly older and conservative (in motion anyway) Morning Muscles women began our workout with the Mexican Jumping Bean Dance. (Yes, it looks like it sounds, only with a lot more wiggle.) Marnie the marathon running physical therapist is away, and Rita with the blue streaked hair, wrists wrapped in bracelets, and flashing silver peace sign necklace is our temporary leader. She has the intentionally happy vibe of a combat veteran who survived war, which is what she is.

Guide us in the Right Path

 Rain on the tin porch roof of a dark September morning is a signal to sleep in. At our house that means about 6:30, so I was half awake when the phone rang anyway, and I blamed it on our friend John who usually calls early. I elbowed my husband and made him answer it. Then I remembered-- I was Skyping with a college class in Tennessee this morning. It was at 9:30 though. My time. Oh God, that would be ... 6:30! My husband handed me the phone. They were having some technical issues and apologized for running late. "Could we start in five minutes?" "No problem," I said brightly.

Haines Politics at our Best

I have been so heartened by the response to the vote No on the recall campaign. It is so nice to see all the No recall buttons, posters, and letters in the paper. The high fives and thumbs up are appreciated as well. I was reluctant to get involved, because when you do you get shelled by the grumpy old guys who are sure the sky is falling-- I've lived here long enough to have to duck a few times- but luckily I'm still standing and honestly so grateful to live in this place with such wonderful people in it that I am puzzled by the doomsday criers.

Postcard from Moose Camp

Sorry to be AWOL on the blog, but I've been far from electricity and cell service. Here's a story in pictures taken from a tree stand with the prettiest view in the whole world.  (I'll fill you in tomorrow. Right now I'm running a bath and getting organized after four days in moose camp.)



Happy Thursday

 It sounded like someone was spraying our house with a fire hose last night-- wind and rain to "beat the band", as Chip would say. The fishermen came in, thank goodness, although the one at our dinner table shrugged and said, "It wasn't too bad." He was happy that there were more fish than the last few weeks. Also, a correction on the new DeWitt baby-- his name is Charlie Steven not Charles. So little Charlie it is, and the family is all home and cozy out by the cannery. Although it must have been a breezy night. A tree (or two) may be down near you.



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