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Sunday's Thought

 In peace let us pray to the Lord. For a blessing on human labor, and for the right use of the riches of creation, that the world may be freed from poverty, famine, and disaster, we pray to you, O Lord. - The Book of Common Prayer

An Old School Lap Topper

At yesterday's library board and staff visioning workshop (I'm on the board), we discussed more collaborations we could do with other community organizations, you know, library programs in conjunction with Lynn Canal Counseling, or the Chilkoot Indian Association or the museum, school, and arts council. Librarian Barb Blood added the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel to the list and said, "We are working with HARK right now on getting some of their materials for the library."  I suddenly had a vision of a row of airline kennels behind the front desk.

A Meeting about Drinking

This summer one boy (barely 21) was killed in a drunk driving wreck and another (18) was hurt when friends ran over him at a drinking party. It's weird, but I am revising a novel right now and in it a boy is run over and killed at a drinking party. But that's another story. That's make-believe and this is real.

Fairs and Bears

I know, I've been away. (And there was some trouble with the website as well, too many viewers, which is not  a bad problem to have.) I even missed the Sunday's Thought page, which I hate to do, but I went up to Anchorage Friday to visit JJ and our friend Garrison Keillor  and just got back on yesterday's ferry. I didn't bring my desk with me.

A Change of Season Post Card

 I have been hunkered down with my novel revisions this week. I love to say that, and it is actually true. They are due the week after Labor Day and I might just make the deadline if nobody else dies, so pray for good health and good choices in Haines and Klukwan. I'm off to Anchorage for a weekend with JJ and a visit to the State Fair in Palmer and Prairie Home Companion, which is being recorded live from the fair on Sunday. I can't wait. In the meantime, here's a change of seasons post card.

The Importance of Feeling Earnest

After about a month in Alaska, a very eventful one at that, Grandma Joanne is back home in Virginia. After I put her on the plane to Washington D.C. I heard about the earthquake, which closed the airport there. Fortunately, Grandma Joanne flew right over the shaker and missed the whole thing, landing after all the hullabaloo was over.  I was fretting for hours on my way home from Juneau on the slow ferry, imagining all the places her plane might have to land, and wondering who would help her make the new travel arrangements.

Sunday's Thought

God is Love; and Love enfolds us,

all the world in one embrace:

with unfailing grasp God holds us,

every child of every race.

From an Episcopal Hymn, God is Love Let Heaven's Adore Him

Thank You Sticky-Notes

My friend Nancy makes her own cards for birthdays, baby showers, thank yous -  you name it, but she doesn't write in them. Instead she uses sticky-notes so that the card itself becomes a gift. The thing is, the sentiments on those sticky-notes are also a present. Nancy is very good at letting people know how much they mean to her, which is a great fall resolution. Maybe it's because I've had all these obituaries to write lately, but it seems more important than ever to be sure the people you care about know it, you know? 

Strolling Through August

 The rain it seems makes us all a bit more social. There were more people in church on Sunday, everyone was on time for a birthday brunch and stayed late, the same with Lexie's baby shower. That's three indoor events in one day, back to back, which I know I would have ducked out of all or part of, had the the sun been shining. This time of year there is less urgency about gardening and exercise. It has been an active summer, and to tell you the truth, I'm a little tired.



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