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Sunday's Thought

From Anna Quindlen's A Short Guide to a Happy Life: "C'mon, let's be honest. We have an embarassment of riches. Life is good. I don't mean in a cosmic way. I never think of my life, or my world, in any big cosmic way...Learn to be happy and think of life as a terminal illness, because if you do you will live it with joy and passion."

A Real Friday Ramble

The good thing about the rain (aside from the obvious greening up the very dry summer ground) is that I got to sleep in a bit this morning (6:30) since we don't ride bikes in the rain in August. In April, May and June, sometimes-- but August, never. We are not training for the bike race and we are in pretty good shape by now. With school looming on the horizon, it seems the calendar is filling up, and it seems it's time for me to pay attention to what's going on in town a little more.

It Must Be August

There is rain tapping on the metal porch roof, a fire in the wood stove,  and salmon in the smokehouse. The tomatoes are ripe in the greenhouse and we ate our own brocolli with sockeye and a garden salad last night. One child is back at college, the rest are weary of  the fast pace of their summer jobs. Bears are walking down the streets all night long, Grandma Joanne is here, the baby has a runny nose and the deckhands are getting massages after shaking thousands of pounds of humpies out of the net all week.

Summer Morning

Grandma Joanne is still sleeping, the crows are cawing in my cherry trees, Chip is singing in the shower, the tide is flowing past Pyramid Island like a river, Christian is grinding coffee, and John just called and asked, "What's for breakfast, those hens laying yet?" No, they aren't, but they should soon, so I told him he can have some oatmeal like the rest of us since Chip already put the double boiler on. John grumbled something about "hippie food" and asked if we have any meat around, and when I said no, he said to put some de-caf on.

Sunday's Thought

 " If I become a center of love and kindness in this moment, then in a perhaps small but hardly insignificant way, the world now has a nucleus of love and kindness it lacked the moment before." - Jon Kabat-Zinn


Pete's Eulogy

A lot of folks have asked for a copy of Pete Lapham's eulogy, so here it is. This is a big chunk of words for this format, and since I can't figure out how to attach it as a file you can save and read later, I figured I'd just paste it in. I also wrote his obituary in this week's Chilkat Valley News, which is on shop counters and in Haines PO boxes, but not on-line yet. I spent the better part of three days on all of this, which is why you haven't heard from me.

Early August Post Card

I am writing Pete's obituary today, so it was good to start the day with a little raspberry picking, watering the flower boxes, a walk on the beach with Phoebe and Forte, and some more raspberry picking... 


Love a Fair

We are all resting at our house after the Southeast Alaska State Fair, which we all agreed was one of the best, if not the best, in years. Dancing Friday night to the Curtis Delgado Chicago blues-style band from Portland,  Chip kept laughing and saying, "look how old everyone is." It's true. The dance floor during that 7:30-10:00 set was mostly we gray hairs, but as my friend Teresa said, "we showed the kids how to boogie." My own kids apparently enjoyed crowd-surfing into the wee hours Saturday and then slept most of Sunday.

Sunday's Thought

From Raymond Carver's poem At Least:

 "I hate to seem greedy-I have so much

to be thankful for already.

But I want to get up early one morning, at least.

And go to my place with some coffee and wait.

Just wait, to see what's going to happen."




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