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'Nuff said, for now. (More on this wonderful new public art -or is it poetry?- Recently installed at the dock, later.)

It is time to bake a cake for the Hospice Booth at the Fair. The rain should stop by this afternoon, I'm sure. And if it doesn't, you can walk through the dry, warm Harriet Hall and check out the entries and see who won ribbons, and then  sit under the pavillion with a friend or three, a hot cup of coffee, and a piece of pie and enjoy the entertainment.

A Change in the Weather

 The change in the weather, it is cooler, windy and gray now- and may rain a little, has also brought a change in the mood around here. That, and the tragic death of just about everyone's friend Kevery, who shot himself Monday night. It is an obituary I don't want to write today. (I wish there was an easier way to say that, but there just isn't. It is so awful I can't stand it.) Thinking about that made me ride my bike harder this morning.

Sunday's Thought

 "You are no longer  strangers and sojourners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God."- Ephesians 2:19

Not so Lazy Days of Summer

 I'd tell you all kinds of things if it would just rain. We haven't had any all summer, which means I am so busy watering the garden every morning that I don't seem to have desk time. We didn't even ride the bikes today because last night we fished the river by Klukwan until nearly midnight and now I have seventeen sockeye to brine and get ready for the smokehouse. I could live blog the Tour de France too (but I won't)-- Chip got up at 4:30 to watch it and scare the crows out of my strawberries. He's doing a fine job-

The Middle of Somewhere

There is something weird about seeing luxury liners tied up to the old Army dock, but also something thrilling. I remember when the first big ship arrived, it was called the Legend of the Seas and it looked sort of like a floating Shea Stadium, all aqua and orange and about seven stories tall.  We thought it was huge, and yet it held only about 800 passengers.  This one has more people on board than live here. I do know that when I was kid no tourists visited my hometown to take pictures and scenic excursions. It does make you see a place differently when other people praise it.

Garden Post Card

 Well, it is July and the garden, at least the part that has been watered, has exploded. Everything else is so dry the beach peas are crunchy under foot. I posted a few of these photos on facebook yesterday, but I realize many of you don't go there, so here's some pics. This morning it feels like rain, and we could sure use it. 

Real News

While Chilkat Valley News editor Tom Morphet pedals through europe this summer ( he was just in Champagne drinking champagne) the women running the paper are shaking things up media-wise. They have re-booted the facebook page and are blogging breaking news at the CVN website. This week they have a real scoop- there's a move to recall the borough assembly.  This is practically a Haines tradition.

Sunday's Thought

 From Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of The Yearling and the subject of my MFA in creative writing thesis essay :

"We cannot live without the earth or apart from it, and something is shriveled in a man's heart when he turns away from it and concerns himself only with the affiars of men."

Graduation Night

It was kind of a big night last night here at UAA in Anchorage. We had what they call a group dinner- a notch up from the cafeteria in a nicer room with hot food in chafing dishes on the buffet table- but we still had paper plates and plastic forks. Teacher Craig Childs eats all his meals out of a battered camping pot. He is an outdoor kind of guy. At first I thought he'd been cooking in the parking lot.



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