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Are You A Writer?

 Yesterday,  I was running errands-- I went to the library, signed some books at the Babbling Book, mailed a letter, and grocery shopped. My last stop was Dejon Delights to buy some of that derby king salmon for dinner. I figured I'd cook a nice meal for everyone before I left for Homer today and the Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference. Anyway, I was in the car, about to back out, when a couple came toward the window and the woman asked, "are you a writer?"  "Sort of," I said.

Mixing it up in Haines with Keller Williams

Went to the Keller Williams concert last night at the Chilkat Center. He looked about 25, wore khaki pants, a polo shirt, and bare feet, and danced and sang around the stage with a mop of brown hair in his eyes having a grand time. One song had lyrics that included the phrases "perpendicular teeth", "deliver the kidney," and "double-decker double-wide," and it made me laugh out loud.

North Words

 I've been in Skagway a few days at the North Words Writers' conference with some of my favorite Alaska writers and authors, including Sitka's John Straley. If you haven't met his unlikely southeast Alaskan detective, Cecil Younger, you really should. Cecil stars in John's first six books, the ones with titles like The Woman Who Married a Bear, The Music of What Happens and The Angels Will Not Care. John is also a poet, can you tell? And a former Alaska Writer Laureate.

What You See From a Bicycle in Alaska With the Roof Off

These are bicycling days. Sunny and warm with roads banked with mounds of bright yellow dandelions.  My oldest daughter was here for a few days  from Juneau and we pedaled all over the place. It's amazing what you notice on a bicycle. Along the Chilkoot River there were dozens of immature bald eagles, great big brown birds sitting on rocks, swooping from trees, hopping in the road. I have never seen anything like it. Then yesterday we were headed toward town when we did a double take. The neighbor's roof was off. Completely off like a dollhouse lid. We turned back to get a closer look.

Spring is Busting Out All Over

 It is like there has been a good kind of explosion around here, spring is busting out all over. All five kids are home, which means so many dishes,  the fruit bowl is empty, and so many big people, so much noise and the best kind of mess on the porch and in the living room. If that weren't enough, the lettuce and peas are poking up out of the garden, the cherries are blooming, there are tiny green tomatoes in the greenhouse,  and  eight new English Sussex speckled chicks are peeping out in the coop with their guard bunny, Prince Harry, hiding in the straw nearby.

Sunday's Thought

 From Gil Scott-Heron, as quoted in his obituary yesterday:

"If we meet somebody who has never made a mistake, let's help them start a religion. Until then, we're just going to meet other humans and help to make each other better."




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