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Angels Watch do Keep

While setting up for the Hospice of Haines spring rummage sale yesterday I noticed shelves of angels. A whole collection of porcelain, ceramic, and glass angels of all sizes and shapes, from the very ornate golden-winged and colored-gowned Victorians, to the naked, fat garden-cupid variety, were on display in the front of the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood Hall. Jennifer was arranging them artfully for sale on the makeshift shelves with her newest cherub in a carrier on her back.

A Hooligan Walk

I said I'd tell you about Ketchikan and I will, but first I have to make some coffee and eat my oatmeal and get over to Sarah's house to babysit Caroline. Fridays for the whole summer I am on Caroline duty while Sarah works at Lutak Lumber.

Rummage Sale Time

I'm back from Ketchikan, it took a little longer than I thought, but I had a great time. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I get unpacked and walk the dogs. (Maybe not until tomorrow?) But first, much more important news about this weekend's Hospice of Haines Rummage Sale. You may drop off stuff all day Friday at the ANB/ANS Hall. Here's everything else you need to know from the fun poster:


Another Star is Born

 First we had White Fang, the movie that was filmed here twenty years ago, then last summer's hit TV show, Gold Rush Alaska (and rumor has it the Discovery Channel film crew will be back soon) and now we have hairdresser Maggie Stern! (Really, the Haines Visitor's Bureau needs to be promoting all of this more, how interesting are we?) Maggie was featured this weekend on the NPR news quiz show, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." It was that segment where they read three crazy stories from the news, only one of which is true, and contestants have to guess which one.

Sunday's Thought

"Peace be unto you"- Jesus Christ, in his first words to the disciples on that first Easter, shortly after rising from the dead, according to St. John.



A Not so Busy Day

 I have a little breather before a busy weekend (Health fair, Easter & the Gilles Apap concert) and week (next week I'll be in Ketchikan) and another busy weekend (the huge hospice rummage sale is next weekend, along with the Big Brothers Big Sisters bowl for kids' sake party Friday night. ) But today I play with a baby all day. The only things on our schedule are story hour at the library at 11am and picking up JJ at the airport at 12:30 and a nap. Caroline likes to watch the airplanes.

Photos from the week & a calendar of events

Here are some photos of the week, including a history day project car wash, the blessing of the fleet, folding the hospice newsletter, a remembrance, out to dinner, and a sunset observed while vacuuming lice off the dog. Which just goes to show that there is always a choice about the way you see the world. A person can decide to focus on something small and awful, like a louse, or look up and see the surprise beauty of an April sunset. Especially during Holy Week, it's nice to know God has a sense of humor.

Of Lice and Dogs

 Don't even ask. It was an awful day. Thank God it was sunny so the dog could stay outside all day. I'm still scratching phantom itches. Forte my large, hairy old and limping flat-coated retriever loves to roll in sweet smelling (to him) dead things. Like for instance the remains of that Pacific Sleeper shark that washed up in the back yard a while ago. Which is where we suspect he got the lice. (Things were hopping all over the skin the last time we saw it.) I thought Forte had some sort of seeds or burrs that he had stuck his nose into, until they moved. (He is not an outdoor dog.

KHNS Commentary

I did a commentary on Haines community radio KHNS last night (and I think it will run this morning) supporting the new Haines Chamber of Commerce shop locally campaign. In case you didn't hear it, here it is, (and feel to share it, or to write and voice your own on the radio, or send a letter to the editor of the Chilkat Valley News about it.) The one thing I didn't have time to say - the commentary guidelines limit them to 3 minutes- is what the Haines Borough Assembly can do.



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