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Sunday's Thought

 Palm Sunday is the day we bless the fleet with hymns and prayers, like these:

"Dear God have mercy on me. The sea is so wide and my boat is so small."



Important Puzzle Pieces

 We thanked the library volunteers last night at an appreciation dinner in the library. The staff baked sacks of potatoes and the board brought toppings from broccoli and salmon, to vegetarian chili and sour cream, and salads. Volunteer coordinator Barb Blood likes themes, and she picked puzzles this year, as in all of us are important pieces of the library. (There are 100 volunteers who do everything from keeping the library open at night to shoveling snow.) There were puzzle pieces on the tables, and puzzle piece shaped cookies for dessert.

Bird Watching

 At Ron Horn's slide show at the library the other night he showed us beautiful photographs of birds and other wildlife. While the bears and moose where interesting, it's the bird pictures that captured me.  When Ron showed a slide of a seagull and chick that made them both look so lovely, and so dependent, in a mother and child way, he said something like "who knew a seagull could look so pretty." In the land of swans and eagles, the gull is a lowly bird. But there is something about the sounds of gulls flying over the shore that signals spring like nothing else.

Return to Sender, Address Unknown

 This morning I got an email that a royalty check had been returned to my publisher. It was addressed to me, at 936 Mud Bay Road, Haines, AK 99827. Right up front I'll admit that is not my legal address, as there is no home mail delivery in Haines, but I have been using it for years, as I suspect many of my neighbors use similar ones. My post office box number is 936 and I live on Mud Bay Road so I use the combination to receive important mail that I can't get otherwise. (It's not that it gets hand-delivered to my door.

Enjoying the Passage of Time

 For Debra's 59th birthday she said she wanted to eat hot dogs cooked over a fire on the beach. She didn't think a lot of other people would be too thrilled about sitting on a potentially cold and windy April beach, so planned to make it fairly loose. You know, "stop be the fire pit down by the old Baha'i Center at five" kind of thing. "Bring hot dogs and a stick."I suggested our beach, since there is a support house with a bathroom and utensils and such, also we have dry firewood on the porch should the driftwood be soggy.

April Showers

 It was something to look and see this when I woke up Monday morning, especially after such a sunny Sunday evening.

Sunday's Thought

 I was under the weather yesterday, but managed to rally briefly for Ellen's memorial service before returning to bed. While I was napping, my neighbor Betty dropped off an Easter book by Tasha Tudor, the Vermont author and illustrator (A Time to Keep.) Coincidentally, or perhaps providentially, I had been reading an article about Tasha in MaryJanesFarm, a magazine another friend, Sharon, had dropped off earlier in the week because it had a good article on chickens. (Including a design for chicken diapers so you can have a house hen.

April Fooling

This morning something jammed in the KHNS radio automation system, so we heard last Friday's April Fool's Day stories. The one about a new Alaska reality show called "Green Necks" really had me going, all over again. The joke was that logger Scott Rossman and clean water activist Gershon Cohen would trade places for the show. Scott would eat tofu and Gershon would eat meat. It seemed more believable than the new program "Mounted Alaska" about a taxidermist.



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