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The Good in Being Kind.

 At Roger Potter's funeral Saturday in the Port Chilkoot Bible Church we sang old fashioned hymns, "What a Friend we Have in Jesus," "I'll Fly Away," and of course, "Amazing Grace." (Read his obituary here.) But before the service started we listened to a recording of the be-boppy Hawaiian version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Roger may have lived in a log cabin in Alaska and worked as a longshoreman on the docks, but he liked to spend time on the beache

Sunday's Thought

 From Rose Macaulay-

"Only one hour in a the normal day is more pleasurable than the hour spent in bed with  a book before going to sleep, and that is the hour spent in bed with a book after being called in the morning. "

Gold Rush Alaska is Now Gold Rush Canada?

In response some mail I've had, this is a note for folks from far away who are curious about Haines and the Gold Rush Alaska TV show. An article in last week's Chilkat Valley News sums up what's happening with the show, and us. The question is, will the all-American miners raise the maple leaf flag, sing "O Canada" in French and partake of  socialized medicine?

New Woman's Day Column

Here's the new Woman's Day column. If you haven't picked up a Woman's Day lately, (or perhaps ever, except the doctor's office), you really should. It's not your mother's magazine anymore.  There are great recipes and home and health tips. In the next issue you can read about the Haine A cappella Women's Chorus, how fun is that?

Of Typing, Really Big Tire Chains & Bumper Sticker Blessings.

I remain with my nose to the laptop, frantically trying to complete my MFA in creative writing requirements by April 1. (The deadline was a big surprise, we thought we had until the end of May, or even July.) Next week I have other deadlines, so am hoping to get enough written and proof read this week to do the final cleaning up and sending off the week after next. More than you need to know, I'm sure. Still, it is good work and I'm lucky to be doing it.

Monkey Brains and Self Compliments

 There were 18 women in yoga yesterday. The month long, twice a week class is for beginners,  and people like me who like a little instruction in a gentle environment. As the teacher Nancy says, yoga is all about listening-- to your body, your heart, and especially stilling that yammering voice in your "monkey brain" -- you know the one, that jabbers all day long about what you should have done and shouldn't have done and that you better get that thesis finished or you'll never earn that MFA, and who needs it anyway?

Some News

The girls basketball team didn't make it to state, but they played  a great game against Petersburg to play Sitka, which they lost, ending up third in the region. The Lady Glacier Bears stayed with the Lady Wolves through the half, but ran out of steam in the third quarter. Still, the games were wonderful to watch and listen too. Doug Olerud is great. My son-in-law is the coach, and yesterday I heard my husband on the phone with him and daughter Sarah. "It was a successful season," Chip said.

Sunday's Thought

 From Psalm 74:

Thine is the day, O God, thine is also the night; thou hast established the moon and the sun. Thou has fixed all the boundaries of the earth; thou hast made summer and winter.

Quick Update on the Basketball Games

The Haines girls beat Wrangell today, and will play next at 8 am tomorrow morning. (I 'm not sure who.) But if they win, they'll play Sitka for second place and a berth at the state championship tournament. The Craig girls won the regional championship this afternoon. The boys lost to Craig,  and are out, for this year. 




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