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Basketball and Life

It was hard to listen to the Glacier Bear girls' game last night, poor Chip, I kept hollering at the radio. First they were down, then tied, then up, then down, then tied, then up, then tied, then down and at the buzzer Craig was up by four points and won the game. Ugh. The girls are still in contention for a trip to the state championships in Anchorage, they'll play the loser of the Craig-Sitka game for second place if they beat Wrangell at 11:50 this morning and if they win again tomorrow morning at 8am. It will be a hard row to hoe, but it is possible.

Basketball Days

If you haven't heard Doug Olerud call a basketball game, you really should. He is terrific. Doug announced the Haines Boys' game last night from Juneau. KHNS time delayed it, which was too bad, as many fans missed Doug and instead turned to the live webcast from Juneau-Douglas High School. I peeked at it, but waited to hear the game on the radio. It's so much better. The boys scrambled to within five points of Petersburg in the last two minutes, before slipping back, I think, about ten points.

From the Mail Bag

I've been getting a lot of mail lately, and it always makes me smile, here's a sampler:


It has even been windy out here at Bug lake! My outhouse door was ripped off  

the hinges a few nights ago and all I can say is that I was sure glad I was  

not in it at the time.


In response to your Life Lessons "Cleaning House" article in Woman's Day, you  

were saving all those jars of cream of tartar for a reason, you just didn't  

know it. You can make a paste of cream of tartar and white vinegar. It easily  

Breezy Morning

First, a little photo essay from the trip home from Morning Muscles at 7am. It's light out, anyway. Summer can't be that far off, can it? (After some coffee I'll write something brilliant, pithy and newsy. I've been in a snow cave for a few days trying to write a Woman's Day column and panicking about my MFA graduation requirement schoolwork that's due April 1.) 



Sunday's Thought

I received a letter this week from Berkshire, England. It was addressed "Mrs. Heather Lende, (I'm sure this will reach you!) Haines, Alaska U.S.A. When I told  my friend Debra that I was so pleased that our small-town post office had delivered it without my PO box number or even the zip code for Haines, she said, "Actually, a whole lot of people made the decision to pass it on." Any place on the letter's route one postal worker (foreign or domestic) could have returned it to the sender. But they didn't, instead he or she smiled and passed it on.

A Quiet Morning

 I'm still writing, writing, writing, as Eloise would say, but I took a few pictures on the walk home from Morning Muscles  I thought you might like. I think of these little photo albums as picture stories. My camera has become a visual notebook, which is kind of neat. Photography is similar to writing non-fiction. It allows me to show you what I'm seeing, and maybe even feeling, if I do it well. 


Here Comes the Sun, and the Gold is in the Ratings

It's been two weeks since I've attended Morning Muscles, what with traveling and the flu that's been going around keeping our flexible and fit instructor Marnie bed bound-- but the good news is that it was light when we finished at seven, so I left the car at the lumberyard and walked home. (I figure it will be a good excuse to walk again later.) It 's easy to see why ancient civilizations believed in sun Gods. In February I do, too.  It pulls you outdoors like a magnet.



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