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Music and Mountains

About fifty people, from elders to the Policeman Simon's youngest child, he's just now walking, attended the classical piano concert last night in the Chilkat Center and heard Tien Hsieh give the Steinway a real workout, especially on Tarantella from Venezia e Napoli by  Franz Liszt. That's the crazy dance done to spin the poison from a tarantula bite out of person's body. The other event in town, a borough assembly hearing on the heli-skiing permits and regulations drew a packed house.

Alaska Governor's Down Home Style

This wedding announcement from the Sunday Juneau Empire says miles about Alaska. (I love it.) 

Parnell, Adams to wed


Grace Parnell and Austin Adams of Anchorage will be married in July of 2011 at the Governor’s Mansion.

The bride is the daughter of Sean and Sandy Parnell. She attended Grace Christian School and is currently pursuing a degree in studio arts.

Hearts That Thrive in Winter

When our choir director Nancy Nash introduced us before Saturday's performance in the Chilkat Center at the Wear Red Day party that focused on women's heart health, she said we were perfect for the occasion since singing is good for the heart and we are a women's chorus. So the choir sang, Lani Hotch gave a slide show and presentation on eating local foods, and Debra Schnabel talked of her adventure in China last winter, where she learned Tai Chi in a remote village, and then gave us a graceful demonstration.

What Dead People Hear & Say

 Before my father’s big retirement dinner on February 18 in Manhattan we stopped to see my mother at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. We needed a map to find the plot in the 400 acre urban graveyard. We also brought a shovel to clear the snow from the flat markers in the Jeanne family plot. (The Jeannes were my father’s mother’s people from Jersey City via France and England.)Turns out we didn’t need the shovel, the shrubs and tall trees had kept the snow off. My sister Suzanne placed a bouquet on the grave.

I'm Home.Phew.

I just got back, and have to take good care of my dogs and husband. But here's a photo essay of the trip. First stop Florida. Saw Chip's sister compete in a horse event, visited Grandma Joanne, and Marjorie Rawlings' house. Then NYC and the farm in Dutchess County.

Sunday's Thought

From Florida, and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' (The Yearling author) rural home at Cross Creek. I'm still short on internet time, so forgive me, but here's a postcard of the lovely place.


Whoops, Out of Range

Sorry I haven't checked in, I'm in an internet free zone in Florida, where we are watching Chip's sister Karen O'Connor ride at a horse event. Here's a postcard. Maybe I'll chat later, but it may not be until I get home on the 18th. 

Packing Panic Attack

Here's the news: no puppies yet for Windsor and Stikine, Debra and Anne Marie's Labs. Or at least not that I know of, but come to think of it neither Debra nor Anne Marie were at Morning Muscles. Maybe Stikine is giving birth as I write this. Debra did say last night that the vet is in town, and she told Anne Marie to take Stikine's temperature, if it dropped the puppies were on their way. When I was having my babies I'm pretty sure mine went up. Debra called, as I was packing for a trip.



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